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front and main wallpaper

A while back, my good friend, Lacey, showed me this gorgeous wallpaper that she’d spotted on West Elm’s blog, Front & Main.  She’d contemplated putting it in several spaces and (being the supportive friend that I am) I wanted her to also put it in several spaces.  To be quite honest, I wanted to use it in my house from top to bottom, but it was definitely her thing, and wallpaper is so damn expensive that I thought I’d live vicariously through her.

That was literally two years ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  When I showed off my new home bar, I told you guys that I wanted to use it in there, Finally honing down the need to use it on every square inch of my walls.

So I decided to just go for it.  I hopped online to order and after doing some quick math, realized that it would take me six rolls (and $200) to do my tiny little 8 x 3 room.  And that didn’t even count the adhesive, the tools, and the labor to get it up.  I backed off of the ‘checkout’ button and gave this some thought.

Could I do a similar effect with paint? Would that be crazy hard? I would get to choose my own colors if we went that route. It would also save me over $175.  Could I really pull this off?  Do I even want the words faux finish looming in my house?

So here I am on a Thursday.  Weighing my options, racking my brain, wondering if I’m crazy for not just going for the real deal.

Tell me… Am I nuts to consider painting this effect?  Or should I give it a go?


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Latest comments
  • Oh man, if you attempt that you will totally be my hero. In my eyes, the amount of time it will take you will be WELL worth the $200 it would cost for the material! That said, I’m kind of lazy and though I love the idea of DIY, once I actually tackle it I get all crazy and unhappy. hahaha

  • Girl you be crazy! First, let me say If anybody could tackle this, it would be you Erin. I have full confidence in your skills! That said, I imagine you’d realize within the first hour that you probably should’ve just shelled out the $200 for the paper. Go for the splurge on this one, grab a cold drink and then spend all the extra time you would have spent painting relaxing on that back patio.

  • It’s a beautiful paper, for sure. In fact, I’ve been struggling with this exact same question lately. I see papers that I love, look at the price tag, and then think, “I could totally just paint that.” In the end, though, I just shelled out the cash for the paper that I really wanted ($250 for one freakin’ wall!), but I think it will be worth it. While I have no doubt that you could pull this off, I think you should just splurge on the paper.

  • Ooh tough question! Definitely pros and cons to each! Pre baby/working/in school I would have totally attempted a DIY, but now I’m so short on it would only ever get done going the wall paper route – so for me time is my deciding factor! I often get stuck in the “No im not going to spend money on that i could do it myself” but then i never actually end up doing it. I mean worse case scenario you DIY it, it looks not up to par, then you can just wait a little longer and save up and wall paper it right?

  • Swoon! This wall paper is AMAZING! I can’t wait to see if you DIY or splurge on the paper. Either way, I’m sure it’s going to look fab!

  • I think you (of all people) could make this work. I’m a diy rookie, but I imagine a large-scale stamp with a mix of tone-on-tone paints could get the job done fairly well…

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  • I think you could pull it off. Look through your blog and be reminded and inspired by all the awesome DIY work you’ve done. You’ve got this!

  • I’m just befuddled by HOW exactly you would DIY that… but by all means if you have a plan I say give it a go. 🙂

  • ¡Qué gran idea! No puedo esperar por ver la habitación!