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pizza grilled

The last time we tried to grill pizza it was a disaster.  Actually, disaster doesn’t cover it – it was inedible.  So last weekend in Nashville when our cousins, Charlie and Abby, told us they were going to grill up some pizzas for dinner one night, I was all ears to learn how turn mangled into mangia for my own pizza night.

grilled pizzas

They divulged early on that there was a trade secret to getting the crust just right.   This secret was exactly the key I’d been missing before – and the thing I used last night to make this beauty. You see, the most difficult part of grilling the pizza is successfully getting a large layer of dough topped with sauce and toppings onto the grill without it all falling to pieces.  My disaster pizza wound up partially down in the charcoals and partially a lump of burnt yet uncooked crust (disgusting).

Our cousins had the maneuver down perfectly.  First, roll the dough out and transfer to a piece of foil lined parchment. Make the rest of the pizza on the foil lined parchment, which is absolutely brilliant.  Place the parchment and pizza directly in a 400° grill for 7 minutes.  Then, you can easily pull out the parchment from beneath the pizza and let it crisp up for an additional 3 minutes.

grilled pizza

Follow these steps, and your pizza will be amazing. I used a ready-made dough from the grocery store and just rolled it out with flour, topped it with all our favorite things and it was so good.

Have you ever tried pizza on the grill?  Do you think you’ll give it a shot now that you know the family secret?  We sure had a tasty weekend, but you might be able to have a tasty weekday dinner!  Enjoy!

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Latest comments
  • We’ve never grilled pizza, but we always are on the look out for a crisper bottom. I think we’ve finally decided to let it bake on a sheet and then when it can hold it’s own (like you’ve done), remove the sheet for a bit.

  • Do you put the pizza on the foil side or the parchment side

  • Using the parchment on the grill is a brilliant idea! I always throw it on directly as carefully as possible, although it usually results in a not-so-perfect shape. I just grill it on each side for a few minutes and THEN add the toppings, putting it in the oven for a few minutes to let those cook. But, I think I’ll give this method a try next time!

  • Yum! Making homemade pizza is a Friday tradition at my parent’s. In the summer months, we always grill the pizza. What has worked for us is brushing EVOO on the dough, placing it on the grill for a few minutes until it’s firm enough to hold the toppings. Everyone gets their own piece of dough and chooses their own toppings. Once the toppings are on we put them back on the grill to cook through. It’s definitely one of my summer favorites!

  • Never would have though to use parchment. We have given up on grilling pizza because it never turns out right!

  • Love this tip! I’ve definitely had some grilled pizza disasters. I actually take my dough sans toppings and grill one side, then remove the dough from the grill and place the toppings on the side I just grilled. Then I putt the whole thing back on the grill, put the top on, and let it grill for 3-5 minutes until the cheese is just melted. It works, but I’m definitely going to try this method!

  • YUM! have been wanting to try this!

  • That looks awesome! We just made our first homemade pizza and did ours in a cast iron skillet then baked it…omg it was ridiculous good. But now I want to try this too! 🙂