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As you all know, I’m taking the woodland route in my decorating this year.  I’ve been taking a step by step approach because, if you’re anything like me, your season’s already been too busy to sit down and get all the decorating done at once.

For this garland, I chose to swag the faux spruce roping in a very traditional way to offset the organic lines of the layered woodland flair.

After securing the spruce roping, I layered on some moss covered branches, dried eucalyptus, dipped pinecones, and cute snowflake ornaments.  It really just make me want to break out in song (maybe ‘Good King Wenceslas”?).  Regardless of the song, it definitely brightens my spirits to get home to after a long gloomy day!


Do you feel it fits in well with the theme?  Have you made any progress on your decor?

Have an UPLIFTING Thursday!

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  • Totally stealing this for the second floor banister overlooking the living room! And maybe the staircase too…. I think I’ll clip some more holly from our yard and incorporate some red. HofE inspiration at its best once again! Love it!

  • I love this post! Your garlands look so good!

  • So beautiful. You’re such an adult. For some reason, the subdued holiday decor that my minuscule place (and storage) necessitates makes me feel stunted.

    • haha! on the other hand, all of your playful, modern, colorful ideas make me think maybe I’m old and boring!!

  • Very attractive!

  • LOVE your garland! It fits your theme perfectly, and is just so beautiful 🙂

  • This is SO gorgeous!!! I love it. It looks so organic but refined and lovely.

  • i love garland! can’t get enough really…

    just stopping in to say hey from the business card swap! see you at alt!