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treat yourself - custom stationary copy

Personalized notecards may seem like such a ‘duh’ splurge, but I actually don’t currently have stationery!  I went to write a note to someone the other day and though, “well, I suppose I should bite the bullet and finally indulge!” Although it’s something that seems obvious, how many of us have actually treated ourselves to such an indulgence?  Some might argue that these aren’t frivolous at all, but completely necessary.

I really love Minted’s Personalized Stationery because the designs aren’t cheesy, they’re really well priced, and the quality is amazing.  There are tons of great options on Etsy too… I personally love In Haus Press.

For mine, I wanted something that had a ton of personality, which is where the gold foil comes it.  I think it suits me and isn’t too trendy to where I would be sick of them soon. Although I like these three the best, I am still keeping my options open… even tough I’m severely leaning toward the gold hexagon design.

Tell me, do you have personalized cards?  Do you think it’s a justified ‘treat’?


Have a wonderful Thursday, guys!


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  • I feel like having a great set of stationary is a perfect simple indulgence. It’s something that won’t break the bank, but will bring you a tiny bit of happiness every time you go to use it. I love the gold hexagon design. That is perfect for the coming months.

  • I have several sets of personalized cards! I love them, and if you look around you can find some great deals that aren’t even too much of a splurge. When you’re addicted to paper like I am, you have to shop smart 😉

  • I do! They were a gift from my boss, and I love them, although I’m almost out. I was just looking at Minted’s the other day and loved their sets, too! I love letterpress cards but those are definitely an indulgence that I can’t bring myself splurge on right now, sadly.