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I stumbled upon the work of Dietlind Wolf and am constantly enamored by the amazing beauty of his styling. These Christmas cookies were styled to each represent a package from a different European country. You can guess which collection belongs to which country, or see his full post for all the details.  He created the concept, colors, design, and packaging for all of these fabulous goodies.

Stunning, right?

I have Christmas cooking baking on my agenda for this weekend. I cannot promise to deliver anything like this, though!

Have a MARVELOUS Tuesday!

*photo credits: photography by thomas neckermann via dietlind wolf.

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  • Ok, so I saw your comment from Jenny’s post about gold and had to stop by. And I HAD to tell you that I love your blog. I clicked and I’m so glad I did! Adding you to my blogroll!

  • Christmas Cookies have never looked better!

  • yes! really too pretty