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Gift giving just got easier.  This holiday season Katie Anderson of Modern Eve and Meg Biram of put their lovely little heads together to come up with an entire magazine dedicated to gift giving called To & From.  I put in my two cents for when you’re buying gifts for the entertainers in your life, but there are 138 other pages of gift guides for moms, dads, tweens, babies, friends, travelers, cooks, and more.  Some of my favorite bloggers chipped in with their suggestions and another one of my faves even shows a good handmade gift idea (and you know I love those).

Here is a sneak peak at my page, but hop on over to To and From Magazine to see the links, read about my favorite Christmas tradition and get ideas for every single person on your list.

Whats more, the duo is planning multiple issues of this mag throughout the year with gifts for every season (mothers day, valentines day, birthdays, etc).  How sweet is that?

Have a Happy Tuesday!!

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  • Awesome guide! Congrats on your feature! I can’t wait to see their guides for the other gift giving holidays 🙂

  • Love this idea! You always find the prettiest stuff…

  • I love all your picks! Especially the Martha book, that woman can do no wrong (well, ya know besides that one time..)

  • erin, i loved seeing your picks in the magazine! you did a fabulous job, as always. those gold sparkly glasses are perfect for my parents who love to entertain!

  • Congrats! All great picks!