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3 things to do with pipecleaners

stake your claim: why buy cheesy wine charms when you can just twist on a bit of party wire? It’s quick easy, and won’t clink down on your face when you’re trying to drink.  curl your locks: bend a pipe cleaner in half, fishtail loop a strand around, securing the bottom of your strand with a little bend of the pipe cleaner tip.  spritz with water, then dry. remember, bigger strands = looser waves. corral your cords: there are all types of things on the market for this, but nothing (in my opinion) works better than a good ol’ pipe cleaner.

How much are you loving this new House of Earnest column series?  I have a list of household items that I’ll use in three ways in one quick post.  If you have any requests, I’d love to try and tackle them!

Have a beautiful Thursday out there, Friends!

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Latest comments
  • Who knew a pipe cleaner could have so many uses! I have a nasty habit of burning myself whenever I try to curl my hair so I will be trying this tip out for sure!

  • I hate wine charms (I guess? Most wine charms? Maybe there are some tolerable ones on Etsy?) and love idea #!

  • You can curl your hair with pipecleaners?! No way, this I have to try!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages