The Year of Leather



Today is my third wedding anniversary and the traditional gift for this year is leather.  Among all of the very girly wedding and holiday gifts out there, this is certainly the most masculine.  I was actually pretty excited to buy a gift for Matty that supported the traditional theme this year and definitely bought one on the items featured above – can you guess which one?

I don’t talk a ton about my personal life or love life, but want to open up a bit and share that Matt, my husband, is my partner.  In crime, in love, in every single sense of the word, a partner. Not only does he support me, but he challenges me.  He’s my devil’s advocate, my equal, my encouragement, my biggest fan, my best friend. So many people may say the same, but I can’t imagine telling anyone else the extent of the thoughts in my head – except for Matt.  I hold nothing back, we explore every subject, and we’re together though it all.  We make dinner together each night (even if it’s at 10pm), talk about our days, discuss ideas, aspirations, and reconnect.

In some ways it’s felt like these years have flown by, but in others it’s like I’ve never known life without him. It’s hard to describe, and isn’t that the way it should be?  What we have is ours and won’t make sense to another soul.

So today, we’re celebrating each other, our love, and our lives… together in this old farmhouse… one day at a time.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


leather gifts: leather desk set | iphone case | travel satchel | passport cover | flask


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    happy anniversary! and what a poignant and lovely post. i feel the same way about my husband but you said it so well. so, i’m just going to have to show him this post when it comes to my wedding anniversary :)

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    This is the sweetest post in the world! I relate on so many levels to this kind of partnership with my own man, and I agree it’s special and it’s our own, and it’s worth celebrating. Happy anniversary!

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    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and all your leather pics. Speaking of leather. My bro-in-law owns you should check it out. They have some pretty sweet leather products. :)

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