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Did you collect things as a child?  I can remember really wanting to start a serious collection (of anything) but never quite being passionate enough to stick with it.  It was such a normal idea though.  Now, I feel that the idea has kind of slipped away as a very antiquated hobby.

Lisa Congdon was an avid collector and even posted a picture each day for a year of her collections.  I got to thinking about the fact that subconsciously, I actually have been a collector all of these years.  I have a very extensive collection of glassware (almost rivaling another Erin) and am seriously on my way to a (bordering on crazy) vase and vessel collection – which maybe still falls in the glassware category.

All of this to say that maybe the difference between hoarding and being a collector is our treatment of the pieces.  Lisa carefully arranged and photographed hers.  I keep my glassware lined up and styled on my bar – bringing it out for many a photography session.  Our respect and admiration for the pieces is the key here.

Which brings me to ask – Do you collect anything? Do you display it? or have it carefully tucked away?


photo credit: glassware | pillows | porcelain | books


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  • As a kid I collected key rings, I still have them but most of them just look like junk now. I also have my scrap book which I guess you could call a collection, it’s memories and photos from over the years and I keep it tucked away in my bedroom so that every now and again I can bring it out and reminisce.

  • I collect journals and blank cards. I have them stashed away in an IKEA box.

  • I have always collected things from the ocean and rivers. Every time I reach a shore, I feel compelled, positively COMPELLED, to take something home with me. Usually it’s pocketfuls of colorful sea glass, smooth pebbles in whatever color I fancy, jar fulls of sand, or sea shells of any sort. I just recently found a complete intact sand dollar (one of the big, beautiful plump ones) completely intact. You have no idea how much delight it brings me! And sometimes I bring home pieces of drift wood.

    I keep all of my collections displayed in little jars I also collect – usually mason, sometimes other little antique glass display cases, all with little shipping labels with tags stating where they came from. I scatter them about the house and they serve as reminders of all the places I’ve been and reminds me of how much I enjoyed it. And of course, reminds me that I need to again… and soon!

  • My uncle, years ago, started me on a teacup and saucer collection. I really didn’t care at the time. I mean I loved them but it never really struck me that I needed to keep it going. After he passed away about 4 years ago, I realized how precious they are to me and I actively try to find unique and beautiful pieces to add to my collection. I hope soon to start buying teapots and maybe even have a tea party some day with my girl friends!

  • i have always collected some strange things. at one point, i used to collect trident wrappers, and then eventually ended up modge-podging an entire dresser with them (so ugly!). i also collected my cat’s whiskers for awhile, until my mother found them and threw them out. haha.

    but my favourite collector is pablo neruda. i’ve visited his homes in chile, and he had the most beautiful collections. he said everything tasted better in coloured glass, and i loved looking at his immense collection of it.

  • Beautiful pictures and arrangement! I attempted to collect all of the quarters with a different design for each of the 50 states but quit somewhere between 10 and 20. May I ask what software you use to create your blog posts? Is it Photoshop?

  • Fascinating topic! Collections are so personal. Always love hearing the stories behind them – often tied back to loved ones, memories, experiences. Long before I became a glassware collector (hoarder), I collected spoons (remember those racks people used to fill?). My aunt started me out collecting by buying me a rack and my first two spoons as vacation souvenirs. There was a notch in the rack for all 50 states. She’d bring me back a spoon from every business trip. The glassware collection serves my love of entertaining at home, but really grew out of the catering/floral I’ve done for others.
    Thanks for the mention today… 🙂

  • I used to collect antique/old/unique perfume bottles. I just came across the collection I had and I plan on cleaning them up and putting them on display in the bathroom. I love colored glass, it’s so elegant and pretty!

  • Nice. I collect magazines. I am wondering what home related I can collect. Maybe, art; I don’t have the space, candles; heard that’s cancerous.

    I need ideas.