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cork and chevron coasters

Get ready for a new project series on House of Earnest called ‘Ten Minutes Tops”.  These will be very simple projects that even the DIY challenged can accomplish – I swear!

We’re starting out today with some cork and chevron acrylic coasters.  Like many of my projects, I’d drawn to the various different ways you can customize this project.  After I’d completed these, I actually thought about how fun it would be to use black and white photos or artwork inside! Anyway, let’s get started!

chevron and cork coasters

cork and chevron coasters - materials

Ten Minute Patterned Coasters Workflow

The key to the quickness here is getting the acrylic squares cut for you at your local hardware store.  The guys at Home Depot are always more than happy to cut any glass, acrylic, or wood for me.  They’re just the nicest and they cut way straighter and smoother than I do. You can find the acrylic (actually polycarbonate) sheets right by the glass cutting area.  Another ‘pre-made’ part of this is the adhesive backed cork.  I found it in the specialty paper wall at my Michaels store, right in there with the other paper.

ONE Remove the backing from a 4″ x 4″ square of your cork paper.  TWO lay down your chosen patterned paper, allowing 1/2″ of exposed sticky cork to adhere to the acrylic.  My paper is from Paper Source!  THREE top on your 4″ x 4″ square of acrylic that the nice hardware people cut for you.  *optional: if you feel that the acrylic has sharp edges, use a sanding block to soften them.


Can you believe that’s all? What would your spin on this easy project be?


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  • Such a great idea! x

  • How cute are these? And so easy + quick – that combination always makes for the best DIY!

  • Hello cuteness! So want to try these. I have a DIY coaster addiction.

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  • So cute! I love it. I have never seen glass cutting or glass at our home depot and i am there all the time…but it’s probably right under my nose! Can’t wait to go find it and try some! 🙂

  • Very pretty and creative!

  • Love these, and I love the ten minute tops idea. This actually DOES seem like something I can do!

  • I love this quick, simple DIY !! As inexpensive as this is, it’d be fun to keep changing the patterned paper or images out. Thank you!!

  • Seriously, your DIYs this month are killing me! I can’t get enough. Those would be the best looking photo coasters out there. I’m thinking fathers day!

  • Love this idea! Where did you buy the patterned paper from?

  • If you have an email list, please add my name
    I love your work