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organized traveler - jewelry

It’s no secret that I travel a ton, and there are points in my life where I’m just moving stuff from one suitcase to another.  I just got back from Alt Summit in Salt Lake City where I was doing blog work, I’m heading off again today for New Delhi for business, and will be home from India for just two days before jetting off again for Telluride (this time for a legit vacation!).

If I wasn’t super organized, my whole life would probably fall apart with the frequency of my travel.  One of my favorite things to help organize my life is a travel jewelry box.  It’s certainly a bit chunkier than other travel rolls, but it holds a ton and is a a little better for living out of at home and on the road.

travel jewelry case - house of earnest

organized traveler case jewelry

travel jewelry case

travel jewelry case portfolio

Want to hear a funny secret?  I’ve carried this case as a clutch before to dinner when I didn’t have anything else packed to match an outfit. Regardless, there is no doubt this little jewelry box from RedEnvelope is a darling way to keep strands of baubles in check while traveling, but if you live in a small space, it might be a great way to organize your gems at home too!

So while I’m in the air, I’ve got my trusty case with me – keeping at least one facet of my life in order!

What organizing tools do you use for travel?  Anything I should know about?


p.s. don’t think I’m trying to show off by flashing those Rupees at you, one hundred rupees is less than two US dollars!

p.p.s.  If you love jewelry (and who doesn’t), I’m posting over on Etsy’s blog later today with my top jewelry picks for a range of prices.  It’s a bit of a ‘Treat yo’self” post for Valentines day!

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Latest comments
  • Your baubles are all so pretty but that case makes them look even better!

  • I need that clutch! I travel a lot for little weekend trips and I can never bring my favorite accessories for fear of them breaking in my bags nut this little jewelry clutch looks like a gem!

  • I want that!!! See you on etsy!!

  • Safe flight lady!!
    Such a cute little “clutch” 🙂

  • Oh this is really cute! Love it!

  • You are indeed a stylish traveler. Meeting you after that 6am flight out of SLC you looked all pulled together, so I can just picture you having all your little gems organized. I carried my jewelery in my evening clutch to ALT as well. It was nice to meet you in person, albeit just a few minutes on the airport train. Safe travels.

  • I do the same! Is that turquoise and gold polka dot item a notebook? Passport envelope? Where is it from? It’s adorable!

      • Oh perfect, thank you! I’ll have to find them on my next trip! 🙂

  • I love this travel box! Have a wonderful trip! I am just back from several months in India and I miss it so I am envious of your trip!! 🙂

  • Now I feel bad for shoving all of mine into one small drawstring bag… Lol. I love how organized this one is!

  • It would have been nice if the things you selected for the Etsy blog had all been handmade or vintage, rather than including reseller pieces made in sweat shops.

      • Hi,
        Thank you for your reply. It is appreciated. Unfortunately, so many of the products featured in Etsy’s curated promotional spaces end up being reseller items that are not in the spirit of handmade, vintage, or proper supplies. It makes those of us who do comply with the rules very upset. This morning, several of the pieces were pulled because it was pointed out that they were not compliant with the rules on Etsy. Sadly, it does not seem like there is a final check to make sure everything is on the up and up when features go up.
        Again, I do appreciate you taking this into consideration.

  • I actually just got these for my bridesmaids as their bridesmaids gift because I love mine so much!