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This side table caught my eye a few months ago and has subsequently been haunting my thoughts since.  It is slim, sculptural, textural, and neutral – All things I lean toward in furniture purchases.

The Crate and Barrel Aerie side table is a bit more opaque, has a little bit more of a finished gloss to the surface whereas the Arteriors Radcliffe table is airier in appearance, and has a slightly more worn, unfinished facade. It’s hard to choose which one I prefer because the differences are so small, but they could mean a lot to the overall look of a room.

So I pose the question to you – Splurge? or Save?

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Latest comments
  • I like the the airiness of the splurge….but I wouldn’t splurge on it:)

  • I agree with Ashley! The airy form of the first is a little more delicious…but not worth the splurge when C&B has such a similar version for far less.

  • I prefer the save – I like the more opaque look.

  • I prefer the airier look of the more expensive one, but I’d buy the less expensive one for a very similar look and lots of money saved 🙂

  • I think it totally depends on if we are going to make this piece the focal piece of the room… Splurge only if we want this to be the attention getter of the room… I would personally save because I’d rather have a bright, bold art piece be central to my room!