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strength in numbers1

Whenever I go to the store, I pick up flowers for a two week stint in my home.  My goal is always to have several different arrangements to go in every room in the house and cheer things up.  All white tulips in the winter are just the right bit of greenery while still being serene and reminiscent of the frosty outdoors.

Breaking the market bundle into one large, a couple smaller groupings, and two bud vases means that I have enough to go around.  A bud vase for the bathroom and the bedside, a smaller arrangement for the kitchen and office, and the largest one for the entry.

strength in numbers 2

strength in numbers diptych

This tactic works well with any type of flower and is a good method if you’re not awesome at arrangements.  Beware of your vessel too – something with a small opening like a stemless wine glass works awesome, but if you’ve got a more difficult shape, like a cube, tie up your flowers into a nice little bundle and lean them to one side – tres chic!

I hope you’re having a lovely and beautiful Tuesday!

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  • I never seem to have quite enough flowers to fill some of my vases – so this bow tip is perfect (and lovely!). And tulips are always my flower of choice…

  • What beautiful flowers and great tips on arranging! I’d love to have fresh flowers in our home more often but never make it a priority – I should change that 🙂 I love the way you tied the bow on the leaning flowers; it definitely adds a sweet touch.

  • I do the same thing. It makes SUCH a difference!

  • Lovely pictures! I love having fresh flowers in my house. It makes me smile every time I walk into a room and see them. You did a great job arranging them – I love the one in a side car.

  • So beautiful this is making me ready for springtime.

  • That’s exactly what I like to do — buy the biggest bouquet they have, and split it up for the living room, kitchen and on the shelf below the mirror in the main bath. And when the daffodils hit the stores, I buy bunches – so fresh and happy!