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creepy twig halloween wreath diy

I’ll start off by saying this… I am not usually one for knocking off exact designs from stores, but sometimes, there is really just no reason to spend money on something that can so easily be made.

In this instance, I saw this creepy twig wreath at Crate and Barrel and I loved it, but wondered why it was $50… I mean… it’s sticks.  So I put my designer/shop owner hat on and thought that certainly it had to be pricy because it was actually much more difficult to make than it seemed, and warranted the additional costs due to labor or materials.  Nope.  That wasn’t it.  This thing took me all of 30 minutes and that was with me taking periodic breaks to go outside and hunt for sticks.

Of course, their sticks are a bit different, but I’m still a pretty big fan of how this turned out.  It’s perfect for halloween, but isn’t goofy looking.  (you know how I feel about tacky halloween decor).

Since I already have a pretty gorgeous eucalyptus wreath on my front door, this one is going to adorn the inside of my house and I can’t wait to share the easy how-to with you. 




halloween wreat

I started by breaking a bunch of sticks into about 14″ pieces.  I left the little sideways branching off pieces in tact as much as possible. Then, on a flat surface, I used a hot glue gun to glue some of the heftier sticks together at a 135° angle, creating a hexagon shape.

halloween wreath

Then, I continued around the circle gluing more and more sticks to the frame.  After just a couple minutes of gluing, it started to come together quite nicely!

cool halloween wreath

Lastly, I spray painted the entire thing black.  For whatever reason, I had a total mind blank and didnt’ photograph this step, but I feel like you guys know how to spray paint, right?


I think that even though the sticks are a little mangy looking, that just adds to the appeal.  As long as the circle is relatively consistent, the sticks can go on in any which way.

It’s a SUPER simple and easy project, but do you love it?  Tell me how you feel!


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Latest comments
  • Really cute! Might have to try that this weekend!

  • So cute! Love all your Halloween projects- I, too, am not a fan of the tacky ones!

  • I can’t wait to try this. I think the “mangy-ness” makes it look even creepier. Love it!

  • I LOVE this! It’s such a chic and simple way to decorate for Halloween… I also dislike tacky holiday décor… Thanks for sharing, it’s lovely.

  • looks great! I think it would be super fun painted other colors too!

  • OK, I’m LOVING your Halloween decor projects! I made the witches broom as soon as I saw your post and it looks perfect on my mantle. I love the understated nature of these DIY’s instead of the classic tacky halloween decor you usually see this time of year. Can’t wait to make this as well! Please tell me you’ll have some Christmas DIY’s too?