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scarf - atlantic pacific

Do you ever just have those things that you want to like?  Those things you buy thinking that you’ll love it – even if it kills you? For me it started with coffee (odd considering yesterday’s post).  I wanted to like coffee so bad.  I wanted to be a woman who drank coffee. I attacked this goal like I would any assignment.  I started small with the Dunkaccino’s from Dunkin Donuts and worked my way further and further toward real coffee right up until I was drinking espresso black. I just wanted to be a coffee drinker.  A cool black coffee drinker.

There are different things in life that I’ve tried to force myself to like – one big one being scarves.  I love to buy scarves. I think they’re gorgeous, and I when I see beautiful scarves on other women, I’m jealous.  “I could be a scarf wearing woman” I usually think to myself. This leads me to buy all sorts of artistically wonderful scarves, but I can’t wear them. I don’t like the way they feel on my neck with my hair all bunchy and un-chic. I think I can wear them, and I want to wear them, but I never ever do.  Similar to how I want to be an espresso drinking woman, but I’ve regressed and now I must have my coffee with milk and sugar.

All of this to say there are people we want to be, and there are things we try to force ourselves into because we just want to like that thing…. we think we should like that thing.  It is interesting to think about the absolute difference between liking something and wanting to like something, isn’t it? Isn’t it strange to think we can want something so badly, but it just doesn’t suit us?  There are so many iterations of this phenomenon, and there are many more that apply to me, but these two come top of mind for me. Two things that would make me so much chicer in my mind, but we all have our limits.


So tell me, what are your limits?  What is something you’ve tried tried tried to like but just can’t?


p.s. I will make use of my endless drawer of unworn scarves in one of next week’s DIYs!!  Stay tuned…

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  • I totally relate on the coffee thing. My husband was so into it and I just forced myself and now (I think) I love it. I also feel that way about scotch. I WISH I could order a scotch on the rocks because it would sound so cool, but I just can’t get into it. Also I wish I loved gardening. Great topic!

  • for me it’s with hairstyles. I usually wear my long blonde hair just as they are: plain long and blonde. I feel like I should try out all those fancy styles you can find and adore on all those blogs, and learn from youtube! like fishbone and messy buns and updos and beachwaves and curly and so on. but I end up wearing my hear plain long and blonde.
    I WISH I’d do fancy stuff more often, but somehow… I can’t. I’m not made to be that kind of person, I think.

    oh, and heels. I loooove beautiful shoes with heels. but also… I’m not made to really wear them. 🙁

  • I want to like bracelets. I buy them but I never wear them. I have learned don’t like things on my wrist. Great post!

  • I really want to like exercise! It may not be a fashion thing, but just don’t believe anyone who says they “just love those endorphins”… I find it miserable every time!

    x Lily

  • I want SO badly to be the girl who accessories perfectly. But, in reality, I lose earrings like no ones business so I stray from buying expensive ones.

    I’ve come to accept that a simple bangle and the few pairs of studs I’ve managed to keep track of are as good as it gets.

  • Love this post! I was just having this exact same thought about scarves the other day. I have a ton but when I wear them I kind of feel like the girl who’s trying to wear scarves, emphasis on trying. Too hard. And that’s never cool.

    A few other things I love only in theory: red lipstick, minimalism, and picnics. These things all work better for other people. 🙂

  • My list could go on and echoes some of the posts already here, but one thing I always wanted to like but has never happened is yogurt. I have this image of all people who eat yogurt as happy, healthy yoga addicts who are perfectly organized. So, I just content myself with the idea of yogurt.

  • Great post – got me thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like to cook. I’ve tried learning new recipes and reading Cooking Light, and I want to be the person who’s always whipping up yummy things and bringing them to work. I want to be the mom who’s always making healthy delicious meals. Now that my kids are grown, I don’t have to, and we eat a lot of frozen foods. And I’m happier.

  • Russian literature, quinoa and kale are all things I feel like I should like, but just cant.

    (I have no problem with coffee or scotch…)

  • I was exactly the same about scarves, until a few years ago! I somehow convinced myself to just DO IT, and have been wearing scarves ever since! I’m still not 100%, but way better than I used to be. Also, red lipstick. I LOVE it, but I’m too shy to rock it. I finally splurged and got some a year ago, but have probably only worn it three times in public!

    For the record, I think you would look GREAT in scarves!

  • I love this post! My thing is stilettos. I really really want to love them but the truth is, I only ever wear them when there’s absolutely no other option. I just love being firmly grounded so sandals and ballerina pumps are more my thing. Even when I’m buying trainers (sneakers to non-Brits 😉 ), I find myself searching for the low-profile ones first. Of course, that doesn’t stop me buying gorgeous heels and telling myself I’ll start wearing them more often, only to pass them on to friends who are more likely to wear them. 🙂

  • Haha. My husband would say your last post had nothing to do with coffee and it was all about desert. But he is a coffee snob!!!

    And for those wanting to like scotch, opt for whiskey, particularly older or small batch varieties. They sound just as cool but without the peety smokey flavor. Thats the part I can’t get past.

    My want to “like and can’t” is bright colored lipsticks. I buy them and try wearing them but inevitably I forget to re-apply and go the whole day with bear lips or I smear it all over my coffee cup/or face.

    • desserts* 🙂