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With my floral background, I have a natural tendency to keep fresh arrangements in my house at all times.  I do realize, however, that some people struggle with a bouquet and that it can take a lot of blooms (and a lot of money) to make a big impact.

A single frond of a large leafed plant makes a really big impact and can highlight a beautiful vase instead of competing with it.

I bought this one stem at Michael’s for just $5 and bent the stem so that the leaf fell right over the top of the vase opening. I chose a hammered silver vase with a lot of shine to really pop off the dark table runner.  It makes a huge impact and it really cannot get anymore simple than this.  If you struggle at all with flower arrangements, this is the ‘wow’ factor floral for you!

A fresh, no fuss, big impact way to start your week!




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  • I adore this look!

  • Pretty! Simplicity is underrated!

  • That is a great idea. And you are right it definitely looks great.

  • I am the worst when it comes to keeping plants alive, so I think I could actually manage this one! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great idea! So simple and chic. P.S. Just checked out ur table runner diy…love it! So glad I stumbled upon ur blog this week:)

  • I love your dining room chairs, where did you find them?

  • Love it! I struggle with plant-life in general and yet I pine for a home full of them. I’ve been pinning a lot of images with big leafed plants and branches lately. Thank you for the inspiration!