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cotton ball garland 1

I think I’m especially liking the idea of this right now for two reasons.  Firstly, because my scheme this year is all about fresh, natural winter whites, and secondly, because we haven’t had any snow here in Ohio and I’m really missing it.

This project is really pretty simple, just some thread and some cotton balls stringed up in a row, but it’s the execution here that counts.  Draping multiple strand together, or incorporating into greenery makes all the difference and turns a simple strand of household items into a snowy accent.

cotton ball garland 2

Grab a darning needle (those blunt plastic ones in the yarn section of the craft store) and do this activity with kids on Christmas day!  They’ll be proud of what they’ve made and your house will be a winter wonderland.


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Latest comments
  • So cute! I love it best by the fireplace!

  • I’ve been thinking about doing this. I’m in Indiana and, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m missing the snow, too! Although, we’ve been having terrible storms this morning that are supposed to make the temperature drop a good 30 degrees by tomorrow. Maybe there is snow in our future!

  • So funny! My sister literally did the exact same DIY for our tablescape we showed on monday, except hers was with pink twine. Great minds, right? Love your decorations, your house looks just lovely.