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I’m usually somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to my coffee.  I don’t like all sorts of jazzed up frappacinos with everything and the kitchen sink on top, but stick with a very very predictable skinny vanilla latte or plain iced coffee.  I recently, however, got my hands on a Nespresso VertuoLine and have loved experimenting with new drinks since I’ve had the ability to make espresso right at my fingertips.

Matt and I have been coffee making nuts ever since getting this machine.  I’ve tried all sorts of recipes, and thought I’d share with you my absolute favorite so far – The Salty Carmel Iced Latte! It’s actually fairly low-calorie and makes a really tasty afternoon treat.

salty caramel iced coffee recipe

Read on for the recipe and one brilliant iced coffee trick!

iced coffee recipes

I use a sugar free caramel sauce, not syrup for this to give it a richer, buttery flavor which balances out the salt nicely.  Since I usually always drink sugar free drinks, I find that the syrups from the coffee shops have a kind of tang to them which I wanted to avoid for this drink.

A big bonus was that the people at Nespresso sent me the cutest summer coffee kit with this stainless shaker.  I would have never thought of using a shaker for my iced coffee, but it cooled it down instantly without waiting for the mixture to cool down in the fridge… brilliant!

Salty Carmel Iced Latte:

Mix all of the ingredients in a shaker and shake until frothy (the espresso’s crema and the shaking give you a really really nice frosty froth!)  All of the shaking helps to mix up the caramel sauce and dissolve the salt as well.


salted carmel iced coffee

It is fabulous!  You’ve got to try it and report back!

How do you take your coffee?  Any great recipes I should try?


Disclosure: I was gifted the Nespresso Vertuoline in exchange for my honest opinion.  I am proud to share items I really use and love with you guys as so few products actually make the cut!

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Latest comments
  • Looks delicious! and even better for being homemade!

    x Lily

  • Buying a nespresso was one of the best kitchen investments I’ve made. Whenever I drink iced coffee I always put a tiny bit of salt into it to cut out some of the acidity. It sounds strange to people, but it really does make a huge difference. One of my favorite ways to “spike” my coffee in the summer is to make a rosemary lavender simple syrup to flavor my lattes & iced coffee. It is a really light and refreshing way to switch up your regular coffee. Thanks for sharing this delicious sounding drink! Now I had another way to enjoy my nespresso!

    • All of this sounds delicious, Ashley! I’m super interested in that rosemary lavender syrup and adding salt to cut the acidity. I’ll have to try that! I would love a recipe if you have one for the RL syrup!

      I loooooove coffee, but iced coffee is the hardest for me to make for whatever reason. I don’t know why! It never comes out the way I think it will and then I just end up wasting a cup of coffee. I don’t have a Nespresso, but I think I could try something with your recipe, Erin! I love salted caramel, so that might be fun to try. I’ll let you know if it’s a success! 🙂

      Neha ||

      • Neha, you can check out my rosemary lavender syrup over on my site. My rosemary lavender simple syrup recipe is in my post about rosemary lavender lemonade. If you struggle with iced coffee you should try making a cold pressed coffee. It’s a bit more labor intensive, but the cold press process helps take some of the acidity out of it. The cold pressed process is what gives iced coffee the slightly sweet smooth taste you are probably longing for. It is a lot stronger, but you can remedy that by adding more milk or cream. If you need tips on the cold press process you can check out my post on lavender honey cold pressed coffee! They are all under the take a sip section or you can just search for them! Hope these tips helps.

  • Looks delicious and refreshing!

  • I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but my boyfriend loves stuff like this! I’ve heard great things about this little machine – maybe a birthday present 🙂

  • Yum yum yum! As much as I’m loving the coffee over here, I really can’t wait to get home and have an iced mocha (or caramel latte!) “American-style.” They’re just so darn good!!

  • Looks delicious and refreshing!