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I always get requests and emails about my kitchen, from where my farmhouse sink was purchased (Ikea) to what color my walls are (custom creation). I wanted to share the renovation again with some of you who are new to House of Earnest, so that when I show brief snippets, you’ll understand the whole a little better!

This house is a 110-120 year old farm house that was built by my husband’s great-great grandfather. It was a rental property for a long time before he moved here in 2006. It was my husband’s bachelor pad for a few years. Then in 2009, I moved in and my husband and I began renovating and remodeling what we could. Our goal was to bring the kitchen back from 80’s rental reno to an early 1900s inspired chic modern space.

Those of you who live in an old house would know; they are a blessing and a curse. Windows and doors aren’t level (shoot – floors and ceilings aren’t even level), they never look clean even when they’re spotless, things break everyday, and they are constantly a work in progress. But on the other hand, these houses feel like homes – with so much history and character.

*In the above ‘before’ photo, the cabinets were a light, honey oak, the floor was peel n stick linoleum tiles, countertops old formica, and appliances just plain old.

*In the above ‘after’ photo, cabinets are painted ‘cottage black’ from Behr, floors are Jacobean Walnut stained pine, walls are “green tea ice cream” (color was my creation, but mixed by the wonderful people at Home Depot).  Kitchen island was from target – similar island HERE

We did all of the work ourselves, refinished all the cabinets, installed the tile and apron front sink in the pantry (wet room) area, and refinished the floors to expose the original wood. 

I love my kitchen and cooking in it is what I do as a weeknight relaxation ritual.  Of course there are things that I would want in a newer home, but I just love where we landed on this kitchen!

Have a FAB Wednesday!

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Latest comments
  • So, so beautiful! I love the brightness of the sink and walls with the dark floors and cabinets. Fabulous job!

  • That’s incredible! There’s definitely hope for all those sad kitchens out there, and yours is just beautiful

  • Great before and after! Love the graphic rug and island unit. Thanks for posting and cheers from London!

  • Looks great, Erin!

  • Love love! thinking I might need that Ikea sink in the new house!

  • Your kitchen is amazing! Absolutely love the amazing transformation!

  • Where did you get the island? It’s perfect! Love the whole thing!

  • Man, I love your kitchen. That was so bold to paint those cabinets black. They look so great. And I think that we have the EXACT same cabinetry.

  • This is a gorgeous remodel! My husband and I have been considering buying something new vs. something that needs work, and I love seeing the possibilities of what can happen when you give a house some TLC. great job!

  • WOW! What a great remodel!!! After peeling back carpet and three layers of linoleum, we discovered perfect pine floors that look exactly the same width as yours. First timer here, so if you would, please walk me through the refinishing of your floors. We are at the sanding part, which as I’m sure you know is super fun. When you say Jacobean, do you mean the Minwax brand? Did you use pre-stain conditioner and what type of poly did you use on top? BTW, what is your fridge sitting on?