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These graphic laquered wooden trays are another favorite that I’m sad to say I haven’t necessarily acted upon the responses.  I’ve been asked a few times to post a tutorial on these trays, but unfortunately, I cannot find another set of trays that I like enough to showcase the whole ‘how-to’!

I used these trays from Muji, and loved them, but they went out of stock quite quickly.  If I ever find anything similar again, I’ll post a tutotial.  I didn’t think it was really fair to post a DIY when the materials weren’t readily available for you all! Back to the trays…

I used patterned tea towels (which I love to collect, but hate to use on dishes) to create these lacquered beauties.  The long and the short of it, is that I applied a spray adhesive to the tray surface, very carefully smoothed on the tea towel, cut the edges away with an x-acto knife then covered the whole things in about 4 layers of decoupodge allowing each layer to dry for 48 hours before applying the next.  I finished it off with a layer of spray polyurethane to give it a very shiny, hard surface.

I think it’s a pretty way to use up those tea towels which are just too cute to dirty!

What are your thoughts?  The full tutorial is here if you’d like to try your hand!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!


p.s. on the travel front, I am exhausted, and leave first thing tomorrow morning to return to the US after a wonderful week in Delhi, India.  I am very eager to show you all the photos and my friday faves this week will be a special India edition!  Get excited!!


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  • I adore this! I will keep an eye out for similar trays (and towels)

  • These are gorgeous (& I love Muji). I think I catch your drift on how to do it, but it wouldn’t hurt to see some pictures. I would imagine that this takes some precision!

  • I honestly can’t get enough of these reader favorites! You are so talented, and make me want to create things 🙂

  • Love this idea! I actually have been looking for just the right tray for an area in my home and was almost resigned to paint until I saw this treatment. Can’t wait to see the travel pics! The sneak peaks on Instagram have been pretty exciting already.

  • These are amazing! I had no idea that this effect could be made with such thick fabric. Truly awesome.

  • Amazing! Wish I would have thought of this!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • They look amazing! I’m becoming tray-obsessed!

  • These are super lovely! I never would have thought of using fabric for this purpose. Now I’m going to have to keep my eye out for a tray to re-cover. Maybe Ikea has something suitable?

  • Hi, I cant figure out exactly what you used n how u did this. M really looking to transform some articles. Wud you mind to share more detailed pictures or steps.

  • No step by step? No product list? I mean I know what to just by looking at your pics, and reading whatever little info you wrote, but someone else might need to see how you did this from start to finish, and also might want to know exactly what you used to get to get the same or close to results.