Reader Favorites: Dipped in Gold Side Table

I originally posted this project last March (2011) after being inspired by this House & Home article regarding ‘dipped’ furniture.  We all know that I have an affinity for dipping things, especially after the spoon DIY I posted just this past March.

This project was a little different, however.  Firstly, it uses gold foil instead of paint, and secondly, it has an asymmetrical line that I felt kept a pretty traditional piece of furniture quite modern. 

The logistics are all the same, however. Paint an entire item, tape off your contrasting area and have at it with whatever medium you choose.

I still look back and think this was such a beautiful and fun project!  I sold the table on Etsy, but part of me wishes I’d have kept it.  I suppose if I keep everything I make, however, there would be no room for my husband… and I like him, so giveaway projects,  I must!

Have a GLITTERY Tuesday!

 p.s. I sit in Paris at Charles de Gaulle as I write this and am about to head to the little Laderree shop for some macarons.  Follow on instagram @houseofearnest for more travel updates!


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    I have a slight gold obsession, and I am loving that table. Definitely bookmarking this for the future! I recently did a project with liquid gold gilding, and it’s good to know that gold foil is an option as well. Both of them shine in a way that gold paint just can’t.

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    I love this idea! Definitely want to try!
    I have the same issue of wanting to keep everything I make too! Soon I’ve be over-run with jewellery though!


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