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Today’s reader favorite is my all-white office renovation that was completed last August.  The before is certainly different, although the overall changes were minimal.  I put up some decorative molding about six inches from the ceiling for a little architectural detail, painted all of the walls white, and replaced most of the furnishings.  Floor to ceiling white drapes soften the starkness of so much white and keep it breezy.

It’s my place that I go to feel inspired, efficient, and creative.  Coming off of the Etsy blog post I wrote about putting together a space to create, I definitely felt it was fitting to show you all my space!

I think there is just enough color and bold elements to offset the white walls, shelves, and chair!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!


p.s. today is my first working day in Delhi!  I’m looking forward to seeing it in the daylight, trying the food, and being open for new experiences that come my way!

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  • I love how the white is the base colour and you’ve put in colour through textures, delicate details – the flowers and prints.. It makes the space feel fresh, pretty and feminine but at the same time sharp for business.

  • Beautiful office and such an inspiring work space. It’s so open and peaceful. I love that you said that you are open for new experiences and that’s so right on time for me that’s just what I needed to hear.

  • I really like the white, airy curtains. Did you make them yourself? What type of fabric did you use?

  • It’s so fresh and airy! The perfect place to work! I’m very jealous!