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spanish theme party tapas

As I was beginning to set out the pieces and parts today for the Spanish party I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago, this little theme came together quite nicely and is sure to be pretty once it’s all together.

I want the party to reflect the passionate romance that comes to mind when I think of flamenco, but the warm, communal, rustic sense that you’re in the spanish countryside  (side story, I actually went to a flamenco in Spain 15 years ago and didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I would now… hindsight…).   I’m going to make a centerpiece entirely of red roses, which is very ‘Valentine’s Day’ but it’s also what I think of when I think of flamenco – see the correlation?

Onwards… I want my friends and guests to be relaxed, comfortable, and in the robust Spanish mindset.  What I love so much about planning parties is trying to create a feeling.  To transport someone from the usual and to almost instill an unawareness of what lies outside of the event… to transport someone for a night.

To do this, I’ll go overboard on the red roses, cue the spanish guitar music, pour glasses full of temperanillo, and create a table full of approachable, communally served tapas and paella.

tapas party spanish theme party

I’ll use a mixture of warm woods like in Grandiflora’s Malena Appetizer plates and utensils and Esselle’s birch candle holders along with some glittering gold vases, terra-cotta tapas dishes, and lots of red roses.  Guests will get a big shot of sweetness at the nights’ end with my spicy hot chocolate dippers and some churros!

We’re definitely one step closer to seeing this party in action!  What do you think so far?



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Latest comments
  • Hi.
    I’m Spanish and when I saw your idea I thought that you couldn’t do this very faithful (because mediterranean gastronomy may be pretty unknown and difficult for people who doesn’t live here) but you surprise me (in a good way). Your meal was lovely.
    If you wanna to do something similar in other occasion, try plates like gazpacho or salmorejo, jam (but “ibérico”), snails (if you are open-minded), musaka, mushrooms with jam and “green souce”… I’m proud of our gastronomy and extremely to see that foreigners value our culture and cooking.
    Congratulations for your election and sorry for my bad English.
    “Que tengas un buen día”