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Two fun little powder rooms, one big question.  Which do you prefer?

Have a PLAYFUL Thursday!

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  • Dots!

  • Definitely dots. I would like the stripes, but that powder room looks super small and with the high ceilings, it’s just a bit overwhelming.

  • I think I am going dots – it looks so bright and cheery!

    Love your blog! I just found you and am really enjoying looking through old posts ; )

    • I’m glad you found us! Have fun looking around 🙂

  • Both are so lovely, but I’m going dots on this one.

  • Both are great – but I prefer the stripes! They feel a bit more sophisticated.

  • Dots! So cute and fem!


  • I just did horizontal stripes in our bathroom redo, but I’m liking the dots.

  • While the dots are whimsical I think the stripes are intense.. this is a hard choice but i think i’m going to go with the stripes.

  • Dots! I think the stripes, while fun, area bit overwhelming.

  • Ooooh I’ve always thought stripes but now that I see the dots I am leaning towards the dots! Very Kate Spade 🙂

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • I am in love with the dots! Such a dun bathroom, makes me want to try it on my new apt!!

  • I would totally mix the dots and stripes, theres no way I can pick just one!! with a few gold accents it would be my favorite room in the house!


  • I love the stripes. They speak sophistication and dramatic class. I think the dots would go out of style in time but stripes are a classic. I love your blog! So many fun and cute ideas!

  • Polka dots!! Only because I’ve never seen them before in such a bold and beautiful way. Amazing!

  • both are too cute to choose just one. i think i’d do dots on the walls and stripes on the ceiling!

  • Definitely the stripes! Adore that powder room!

  • both! these both look fantastic! wow, i haven’t been to your blog for way too long and i’ve missed out on so much pretty stuff — enjoying catching up now 🙂 xx

  • dots!