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Coastal Getaway in Cornwall, England

You know we love to travel, and I am determined to keep up the explorations with the little one in tow.  So many people talk about what a hassle it is to travel with small children due to the large amounts of gear you have to schlepp around, but I’ve found a solution! We’ve already been talking about future destinations and exciting adventures to have with Maeve, so I was thrilled to discover the newest site for kid-friendly travel, Kid & Coe.

It’s similar to an Air BnB type site, but specializes in properties that are kid and baby friendly.  Most of the gorgeous choices have toys, cribs, high chairs, changing tables, and even baby monitors so that you can leave all of the baggage behind and truly enjoy traveling with children.


Exotic Retreat in Brazil


Quaint Cottage in England


Sonoma Valley Vineyard Home

I’ve been exploring through all of the multitudes of choices trying to discover where the best retreat might be to take the babe once she’s old enough.  A small escape for just the three of us?  Or a large house with the family? The site literally covers the gamut in terms of pricing and size.

I’m pretty fond of the wine country idea… since it’s stateside, I wouldn’t feel as stressed about finding a sitter for a dinner out or a few hours at the vineyards. But some of the international destinations available on Kid & Coe are just so gorgeous, I could be swayed!


London Area Apple Tree Cottage


Tuscan Charmer

I mean, look at this Tuscan Villa?! It comes with a nanny/babysitter, so problem solved there!  Of course walks throughout the countryside and small tuscan towns would be just as sweet with the baby in tow.  It makes it all seem so simple since all of the baby staples would be provided and we’d just show up!

Have you heard of Kid & Coe yet?  Any properties that look like somewhere you’d love to explore with your little ones?

All photos from Kid & Coe

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Latest comments
  • Thank you for letting me know about this site!! We travel a LOT with our 3 kiddos. Mostly road trips (Now that my baby is 2, flying a family of 5 is dang expensive for as much as we like to go!), but it is always a struggle to find a rental that is outfitted for kids. I’m so excited to explore the site! We have been talking about where we want to go for our very first real Spring Break trip now that the twins are in kindergarten, so this is going to be an amazing help. Thanks again!

  • I have 3 kids under 3 and the amount of bags we have to bring to the beach for the day, makes it look like we are moving there. Diaper bag, change of clothes, snacks, sunscreen, waters, towels, etc. it’s crazy.

  • This is great, but I’ve always thought it’s better to just wait a few years to take a big trip when the kids are a little older and can actually appreciate the trip more. We took our kids to Disney World when they were younger (2 and 5) and not even the 5 year old (who’s almost 7 now) can remember anything about it. I guess maybe I shouldn’t feel this way but it almost feels like the trip was a waste when they don’t even remember anything about it.

    I guess it’s not a big deal if you’re wealthy and can take expensive vacations every year but if you’re not, I think it’s best to save them for later.