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fresh, neutral bedroom

I am totally guilty of getting bored with my bedding easily.  I just switched over to all-white bedding this past fall, and LOVED the light airy look it gave to my room, but had a little incident with the bedding.  I thought ahead about how I would bleach the white bedding when it got dirty, but didn’t anticipate what my 20 year old dryer would do to an all-white set… which was to get rust spots all over the duvet without hope for getting it out.  So, I did every trick I found online for getting rust out of dryers, but nothing worked.  After getting rust on my clothes, towels, and of course the bedding, I finally gave up and just got a new washer and dryer set. (To my defense, the washer was also leaking, so we just thought it was time to throw in the towel.)

Anyway, back to the issue at hand, I needed to both replace my duvet and for the new year, I wanted a little style refresh for the new year.  I love cruising around on Crane & Canopy and I like that they’re beautiful, soft colors would work well with my dark gray walls and colorfully styled bookshelves.  I ended up going with the Valencia Dove Gray pin tuck cover to go with some patterned sheets I’d bought from Target a while back, but hadn’t broken out yet until the dryer situation was fixed.

bedroom refresh pattern mixed bed patterned sheets

I actually think that I might go with a darker grey (almost black?) in my room this year also, so the lighter grey will work out really well with that change also.

I just love the difference new, fresh bedding makes don’t you?  Climbing into a freshly made bed with new linens makes me so happy.  It’s the little things, I guess!

Do you all have any plans for bedroom refreshes this year? If so, tell us about it!

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  • my absolute must-get-in-2014 is the Dwell Studio’s chinoiserie duvet set. i too love the all-white look but that does get a little boring sometimes.

  • so beautiful erin!
    love your style.

  • You’ve definitely inspired a bedroom make-over. Love the colors you’ve chosen!

  • What a beautiful room! I love how you have styled it. I would definitely sleep more peacefully in a room like that 🙂

  • I love the gray with the blue pattern, a great mix of colors.

  • Your bedroom looks so inviting and put together. I absolutely love it and I’m inspired to make some improvements on my own room now!

  • I love the patterned target sheets. And on sale! Might have to pick em up for myself!
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  • I have those same sheets from Target, and I love them 🙂 They are so soft! Your bedroom is gorgeous, btw!

  • SO glad you showcased Crane & Canopy. I’ll be looking for new bedding in the next few months (keeping it light and fresh… maybe a touch of color), and these are affordable and stylish! Thanks!

  • Hi Erin – gorgeous bedroom. What is the color on your walls?

  • This is beautiful! I would love to know where you got the yellow pillow cases and throw pillow? Thanks!

  • oh sweet, you have a story people print.
    I used to work there!