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Happy Friday, Friends!  Usually my weeks just fly by, but this one seemed to last a little longer.  Probably because I was working so hard

the quick way to clean your make up brushes

When is the last time you actually cleaned your makeup brushes?  If you’re anything like me, it usually spans somewhere between years ago and never. It’s not because it’s particularly hard, it’s just that whenever we think about it right when we’re actually using them and then after that thought has passed we are on our way out the door.

This past fall, while I was painting my face for this, I was using my gel eyeliner brush to create some of the detail, but had to clean the brushes in between colors.  In that moment, I had what they call an ‘aha’ moment. Now, I hate the term ‘life hack’.  I think it’s so overplayed, but I might dare to refer to this trick as my favorite life hack to date.  There I said it, Like Hack. And here you have it: The easiest way to clean your makeup brushes!

conde nast traveler

It’s true that the only thing getting me though this cold, dark month is planning our upcoming vacation. We have just two short months until the big trip, so we’ve made a lot of progress on the itinerary.  Before, we only knew a rough outline of where we wanted to go, but as we get closer and closer to the trip, things are starting to fill in!  Everyone we speak with has such different ‘musts’ for us, but we’ve taken the plunge on some things just for the sake of needing to make a decision and I’m here to share our up-to-date itinerary with you!  There were tons of people who commented on the last post who were preparing for similar trips this year, so I’m going to go into some detail as to where we’re staying, what we’re doing, and how much we’re spending. Since there is a lot of info, I’m breaking it into two posts, week one and week two! 

paneling a ceiling

Happy Monday, Friends!  How was your weekend? Mine unfolded somewhat like a novel of epic proportions.  It started out innocent enough.  On Friday morning I took Matty to the airport to catch his flight to Jackson Hole on his annual guys ski trip.  It was an early flight, but that was fine, because it just meant that I got to hit the ground running on my weekend DIY projects a bit early.

After leaving the airport I took my graph paper, pencils, and calculator to Starbucks to get down to business on my weekend project – applying paneling to our office ceiling. I hate hate hate the star-shape textured ceilings we have and have always wanted to do something about it.  The goal was simple enough… I would apply molding to the walls just 1/2 inch from the ceiling, then wedge paneling into the gap, staple to the ceiling, and voila, new ceiling.  I also anticipated the ease at which I would complete this project, alone.  

Happy Friday, guys!  Did you have a good week?  I had such a crazy last few weeks getting ready for the new site launch

office inspiration 3

This post should be more appropriately named “while the cat’s away, the mice will play”.  Do you know that most of my big design changes in the house go down in late January?  That is mostly because Matt is out on his yearly ski trip with the guys and some of my more radical ideas can take place without judgement.  Matt doesn’t really care to much about what we do from a design perspective, but his logical side sometimes derails my desire to make a quick change.  This weekend, I’ve got a BIG change in the plans to create a more efficient home studio space.



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