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this old house copy

For a long time, I’ve meant to write this post.  Life kind of took off and I stashed it to the back of the pile thinking it was past the point of resurrection.  When I redesigned this blog in January, I gave it the tagline, “The New Traditional”.  I had meant to clarify the choice, but kind of figured that people understood what it meant and I moved on.  Then within the last few weeks, the reasons for not only the tagline, but the reasons why I write the blog as a whole came back around and hit at full force. 

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you've got a wonderful long weekend planned!  Is there anything exciting on your agenda? We're planning on doing a lot

I am so excited to announce today something that I've been working on for the last couple of months! NEXT Thursday (one week from today)

At the flea market last week, I kept finding myself drawn to mid-century pieces, even though it's a style that I consistently feel doesn't really suit me

cinque terre in 36 hours

I cannot wait to share this portion of our recent European adventure with you all.  I have been biting at the bit to share more about Cinque Terre because it was a highlight of our trip.  The entire experience was indescribable.  Take this photo for example… there isn’t one filter or edit used on it. The sky and town just looked like that. I kept saying over and over again to Matt, “I just can’t believe this place!” One of the reasons we may have liked Cinque Terre so much is because it was so different in every way imaginable from our previous stops in Paris, Beaune, and Lauterbrunnen.  It was full of natural wonder with a colorful explosion just dropped into the center. The people were so incredibly warm and inviting, which led to some of the humorous experiences we had. Plus, coming off of the trouble we had in Switzerland, we reveled in the sunshine and spirit that we found in Cinque Terre.  Where to start, where to start… I suppose I should pick up where we left off. 

flea market

Last Friday I spent the day digging though treasure and junk.  I was at one of the countries largest flea markets in Springfield, Ohio and being my first time at this renowned event, I was so excited to seek for something really wonderful to add to my old farmhouse.  I walked through rows and rows of antiques, salvaged goods, handmade furniture, and relics, yet walked away with none of it.  Why? 



Hi! I’m Erin of Earnest Home co. It’s here that we share up-and-coming' products, tutorials, and gatherings which promote authentic, resourceful, and creative living. We are the new traditional.

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