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I don’t think I’ve ever talked with you guys before about my love for the Netherlands.  I love the Netherlands… Amsterdam, specifically.  I’ve been three times and could go back each year.  At one point I was searching for jobs there and still would be open to a move there if the opportunity presented itself. When I came across the absolutely gorgeous home of Danielle de Lange located outside of Amsterdam, it really pushed me over the edge.  Regardless of location, I would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful home.  This one checks off ALL the boxes for me… White? Check. Rustic? Check. Global? Check. Feminine, Minimal, and Natural? Check, check, check.

I can’t say enough about this place and all of the stunning touches.  It’s clear that Danielle has fabulous taste which also in showcased in her shop, Le Souk. Let’s dive into all of the details. 

learning for life challenge

When I started writing this post over the weekend, it was just a standard post.  Then I got to thinking about it more and more and decided to jump into something feet first with you guys. I am over the top excited today to reveal a summer challenge that I want all of you to do along with me.  Before we get to the details, however, a little background.

When I was working in the corporate sector, I started getting this super strong desire to learn things – anything, really, that wasn’t part of my day to day job.  Maybe it was that I had enough distance from formal schooling or maybe it was just trying to break out of the mundane day to day routine of work, but it all started with this blog. 

Happy Friday, guys!  Are you as glad about the weekend as I am?  This week has been

paleo chocolate ice cream

I suppose you can’t technically call this ‘ice cream’ since there isn’t a bit of cream in the recipe.  There is, however, a bit of almond milk, so I’m going forward calling it ice cream. Last summer when I was doing the whole 30, I kept a lot of the habits I learned during those 30 days and still like to make a lot of recipes that are dairy, soy, and grain free.  This week, I was craving some ice cream and although I didn’t have any in the freezer, I knew I had a few things on hand that would make a good (and good for me) ice cream in about 10 minutes. There are a couple secrets in this sauce, so to speak, and I think one of them might freak you out a little… How’s that for a segue? 

earnest travels rome

We’re almost to the end of the trip recaps!  Can you believe it?   I can’t believe it was a month ago we were there.  Rome was our second-to-last stop and like every other city, we took it by storm. I’ve heard plenty of people say that it would take two lifetimes to see everything Rome has to offer, and I believe it.  We did our best with three days, and although we didn’t scratch the surface, we were happy with what we were able to accomplish – and how much fun we had in the process. Three days in Rome starts here! 

When I started doing floral arrangements, I never thought I'd do a funeral. Firstly, I'm not a real florist.  I do it for fun and



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