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Did you guys all have a fantastic long weekend?  I sure did!  I went down to Kiawah Island and Charleston with my girlfriends and we

  Happy Friday, Friend!  I made it to South Carolina yesterday, and today I'm soaking in what feels like the last of summer's rays with my

creative word art

How has your week been going?  It’s been a mixture of super productive and super frustrating for me.  You know when you have a partial week and you can’t decide if squeezing the week’s work into a few days is really worth the days off?!  I’m going to go ahead and say it’s worth it. I’m heading out first thing tomorrow morning to join my college girlfriends in Charleston for some overdue bonding and wine drinking.  It’s been two years since we’ve all been together… too long.

Onto today’s DIY.  I’ve never been a huge fan of word art and always kind of feel like it’s a bit hokey or something.  It takes a special piece for me to be like, “yeah, I want to put that in my house”.  Do you know what I mean?

Regardless of my word art feelings, however, I wanted to use this phrase somewhere after seeing it all over the internet. I felt a monochromatic black and white piece would be understated and modern, so I forged ahead breaking my own rules and creating this little gem.

AND it was quite easy.  If you can glue and spray paint, you’ve got all the necessary skills to complete this piece.  

beginner meditation

Do you know how when you have something specific on your mind, you seem to see it EVERYWHERE?  Kind of like when you get a new car and start seeing the same kind of car wherever you go.  Or when you decide to cut your hair and then you suddenly start noticing how all of the people you come in contact with have cropped locks.

It’s been this way with meditation.  I started meditating back in January after reading Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier, and since then I feel like I’m hearing someone talk about it everyday.  It’s one of those polarizing things that either people either love or hate… and for good reason… it’s hard to learn, but once you’ve turned a corner of seeing the benefits, you are a believer.  And over the last 6 months, I’ve tried a few different tactics and landed on a few things that work wonderfully for beginners.

First things first, for me, meditation isn’t about transcendence.  It’s not religious or based in spirituality (although I do like some of the spiritual basis, it’s not my primary focus).  In my life, meditation is a way to train by brain to think thoughtfully through the chaos of life.  When I’m meditating, I feel like I can more accurately recall information and problem solve without getting overwhelmed.  Meditation builds up a buffer of patience and focus. If learning how to meditate is something you’re interested in, then here is the best way to get started.  

kitchen - my domaine

(photo source: My Domaine)

In the several weeks since I shared this kitchen photo on ‘The List‘ it has not left my mind.  There is something about the kitchen that resonated so much with me, but I couldn’t put my finger on at the time. Now, after having some time to get more acquainted, I know exactly what it is about this design that draws me in.

It’s that the basics of this kitchen are identical to my own kitchen, but the details are what make it so strikingly new.

Dream kitchen has black cabinets.
I have black cabinets.

Dream kitchen has walnut floors.
I have walnut floors.

Dream kitchen has subway tile backsplash.
I have subway tile backsplash.

You get the picture.

What I started taking note of, were the few things it would take to transform my space into this dream space.  Drawer pulls, butcher block countertops, and a vibrant rug would really do it.  Of course, there are a few other extras that would make it even more exciting…

Guys, fall is in the air



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