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buffalo check christmas stocking

Ok. So, this isn’t a DIY, but just a little makeover trick that I’ve employed in the past to save some cash and wanted to share with you today.  I’ve talked at length about how and why I use a theme each Christmas, but part of the challenge for me is to do everything I can to use what I have before buying anything new. This year, I used our existing stockings and put a little B&W spin on them with the ol’ cuff trick.  What’s the ol’ cuff trick, you ask?  Well, I’m about to show you.


For whatever reason, my entryway is the place in my house where I always feel the most holiday spirit.  You’d think it would be the tree, but no, in fact it’s walking down the wood steps with the garland lit up and the chandelier dimmed that really brings it all home for me.  It’s the same way every year too.

This year with my black and white Christmas theme, I wanted that special festive feeling I get from my entryway to be no different. Since my walls are blue, I really had to keep the rest of the ‘colors’ to an absolutely minimum so that the black and whiteness of my decorations could really stand out.  Since I obviously had to add in green, any other color (even just a drop of red) would have thrown this whole thing for a loop and made it feel like a circus.  Well… a circus to a colorphobe like me, anyway.  So I worked hard to keep it really tight. 

Well, friends, we're inching closer and closer to the big day!  Are you enjoying the season?  Feeling festive? I've been trying hard to not get

diy christmas ornaments

Each year as my Christmas theme changes, I always make a few different types of DIY ornaments to layer onto the metallic and neutral base.  This really reinforces the christmas theme without a total overhaul each year which would be wasteful and expensive.  I love getting out my gold and silver glass ornaments that we bought early in our marriage and bring in the fun with some easy and inexpensive DIYs.  I find they go fairly well all working together.

This year, I’m adding a graphic touch with some message ornaments and a bold modern spin with color blocked wood ornaments.  See the process for each fun (and cheap!) DIY ornament below!

print it yourself giftwrap

I’m loving all of the black and white christmas we have going on!  Are you?!  It’s really simple, streamlined, and cozy looking – especially with the fun I have in store for you today! I was on the lookout for a big buffalo check paper and after searching far and wide, I came up empty handed.  So I took matters into my own (empty) hands and just made my own.

Although the DIY gift wrap ‘making’ started out totally different than how it ended up… Let me explain

Happy Holiday Monday, Friends!  I hope you know how much I appreciate you and your comments, readership, and friendship, so today, I wanted to give



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