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Hey there!!  How was your long holiday weekend?  I'm still basking in some of my Christmas glow over here, which brings me to the subject

Well, we're here.  Some people call it 'The Show' others call it "The Big Dance" (haha).  I was hoping to have some photos of the

Some gifts are so hard to wrap, either because they're oddly shaped or because they're super small - like jewelry or gift cards.  I am

party timeline

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For lots of us, this week and next are going to be jam packed with festivities.  It can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the long list of to-do’s leading up to any fetê.

Today, I want to take the time to not only share MY personal party prep strategy, but also to hear from you all and have you share the ways you gracefully plan for the seasons soirées. 

Eeek!  Christmas is in a week! I have a few more lovely gift ideas for you that will be sure to impress if you're still

printed balsa wood gift tags

If you loved the printable gift wrap from last week, then you’re also going to love these adorable transfer print balsa gift tags.  Remember the Thanksgiving centerpiece?  Well, I had a fair amount of balsa wood on hand from that project (it was a temporary centerpiece), so I thought about the best way to use the balsa wood again for Christmas.  These tags are the perfect use… since one piece of balsa makes sixteen (!!) tags.  That’s about $0.14 each.  Nice, right? Especially in a world where a pack of 8 tags can cost you $10.

They’re easy as every too… Just a pair of scissors and a home printer is all you need.



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