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cheers to five years

Wow.  Today marks five years since my very first blog post, and to think of everything that has happened and evolved here in the last five years is mind-blowing.

Let me take you back five years.  We were newly married, and just starting to put our own spin on this old family farmhouse.  I was overcome with inspiration, but felt like my life as a whole was pretty deplete of creativity.

Happy Friday, friends.  This week has been brutal for me! What about you? It felt really long and really cold.  Some years, I question

turned wood candlesticks

I’m always looking for a cool, casual set of candle holders for my dinners that aren’t imposing or fancy whatsoever. When I spotted these furniture feet (yes, from the hardware store) I immediately thought they’d make some modern, but pretty candle holders for a mantle or for my winter dinner table.

floral paper scandi kitchen

Last week, I was doing a bit of research on some of the moody, florals that are showing up everywhere from fashion to paper goods to home decor.  I crept upon this kitchen and really loved how natural and soothing the kitchen seems, while still being totally on-trend from a floral trend perspective.  Is it crazy that this floral wallpaper by Morris & co was originally designed in 1876?  

building cabinets up

We’re bring this kitchen redesign into the new year!  Although I wanted to be done with the entire thing by Christmas, we had a few set backs, which will naturally happen when you have a deadline.

If you recall, we’re building UP on top of the old cabinets to add more space since our kitchen storage is pretty measly.

Wow, it's the first full week in a while



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