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diy rope chandelier

I just love bringing indoor luxuries and comforts outdoors during the summer months.  I have had the idea in my head for a while to create an outdoor chandelier from globe lights and created this super simple DIY using just a few things that you could get at your local shops.  Just a string of globe lights, a hula hoop, and some rope is all you need to get a gorgeous chandelier out onto your patio.

outdoor rope chandelier

Where ever you have an extension cord, you could place this light fixture, the sky is (literally) the limit. Here is how I made it… 


outdoor rope chandelier diy workflow

ONE wrap a hula hoop with your string lights, ensuring that they’re equally spaced and all facing in the same direction.  TWO use fine gauge wire to secure the beginning and end of the string lights.  THREE wrap the hula hoop and light cord with rope. FOUR create a long loop with the excess rope and lights from which to hang the fixture.

rope chandelier tutorial

outdoor rope chandelier diy

Whether you hang it over a dining table or even just over a sitting area, this easy DIY chandy is sure to light up your night!

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  • There is no better place at home in summer than the balcony and garden. Spending time outside is great and why do it without the comfort. I love your idea of the chandelier, it is such a charming DIY!

  • This is gorgeous Erin! I’m so impressed! Now I just need a backyard so I have an excuse to make this 😉

  • What a great idea!!!!

  • this is brilliant, erin!
    i am making this definitely!

  • Genius!! There are so many possibilities when making a hula hoop light fixture. Who knew!

  • Excellent! Love this idea for our backyard… Thank you for sharing. I’ve pinned this as a project to definitely try.

  • Love how simple this project is! Would look great on a beach deck. Now I’m thinking of what other projects I can do with string lights that are out-of-the-ordinary…

  • Very, very cute!

  • This is so great Erin!!