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cute new years eve party hats

I’m a hat kind of girl.  I have always loved collecting fancy antique hats with nets, feathers, and all of the trimmings.  As the years go by, I seem to have less and less places to which I can wear some of my more extravagant pieces, but New Year’s Eve is certainly an occasion where (even if you’re not a hat person) it’s totally acceptable to rock something over-the-top (literally).

pretty new years party hat

new years eve cute party hat diy

This easy, DIY fascinator is a great use of leftover ribbon from the Christmas holiday, so the only things you may have to purchase are the clips, felt, and numeral stickers – should you want to use them! Don’t put away the Christmas ribbon just yet! The easy step by step tutorial might just inspire you to get creating! 

pretty party hat materials party hat tutorial - new years eve

ONE cut a 4 inch circle from a piece of black (or whatever color you love) felt. TWO snip a half inch slit about 2/3 of the way down the center of the circle. THREE slip the top of the hair clip through the slit. FOUR gather together a couple lengths of wired ribbon and a few pipe cleaners into a bundle.  I used a thick wired ribbon in my bundle so that I had a place to stick some ‘2014’ stickers.  FIVE slip the bundle of ribbons and pipe cleaners under the top of the hair clip with about 1/2″ hanging through the other side.  Make sure that the thickest ribbon is on the bottom.  Bend the 1/2″ portion over top of the clip tightly. SIX curl and position your pipe cleaners and ribbon.  I used a champagne cork to curl mine. SEVEN stick fun glitter stickers with ‘2014’ or ‘CHEERS’ onto a front portion of the ribbon.  You might have to try on the hat to get a good feel for where this is.

party hat DIY new years eve

Tada! Now don’t you feel fancy?


p.s.  We have another post later today, so stop by around noon to see a great idea for your NYE bar!


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  • Cute! These pictures remind me of Duchess Kate!

  • This is a fantastic idea! And yes, you look very similar to Kate Middleton! xoxo, Lindsay

  • I was going to say how much you resemble Kate in these… I see I’m not alone 🙂

  • How fun!

  • OMG, seems like everyone agreed that you look like the Duchess. The fascinator indeed looks royal!!

  • This is adorable! I think I’ll have to start working on cute hats like this for next year.