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New Year's Resolutions2

What goals are on your list for this fresh new start?


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  • I love the honesty of this post, Erin. I am with you on the “have fun” resolution: corporate life is really draining. It almost feels like the spectrum of highs and lows is condensed, so that the highs aren’t as good and the lows (not that they’re really something we want to experience) are more “meh,” because you live in a neutral state for so much time. I felt the same way when I worked for a large corporation, and it’s a really tough cycle to break.

    Best of luck working towards all these resolutions in 2014!

  • Those are great resolutions! I’m sorry to hear the corporate world took so much out of you, but excited that you have a new reality now.

    One of my goals is to make sleep a priority. I think bloggers like us (look at me, comparing my little blog to yours- ha!) who have full time jobs during the day often stay up late to get the blogging done. Apparently sleep leads to other health benefits so I’m going to start there…

  • Cute pictures with your list. I’ve seen finance on a lot of resolution lists this year. I think 2014 will be the year of saving! Check out my resolutions too!

  • Love this list! Very similar to my own goals for the year. One of my big ones is to simply follow my heart rather than others’ ideals of what I “should” be doing.

  • Erin! These are such great resolutions 🙂 I actually share almost all of them with you. I decided not to make them resolutions (because of the pressure) and more just conscious thoughts of how I want to live moving forward. I can relate ESPECIALLY to the finances and pay attention to my health. I spent years as a theater actor (majored in it) so not only did I not learn a THING about finances but I also never saw the light of date and ate total crap! Here’s to an awesome 2014! 🙂

  • Erin,

    So nice to see that you’re doing well! A&F took a lot from me too and I caught myself agreeing with everything you said! I just moved back to Ohio (from NYC) and I’m in a similar situation—full-time freelance and starting my own design studio. It’s a HUGE difference from the corporate world. I can actually say that I have my dream job though. Sounds like you found that too!

    Congrats on your blog & Grandiflora. Happy 2014.


  • Erin – AMAZING goals! They inspired me just reading them. I’m cutting back my hours at work (from 60-65 to 30-35) once our baby is born and cannot wait to be living in the moment again 🙂 While for the most part I love my corporate finance job, I think I’ll love it a lot more when working less, hehe.

    If you even achieve half of your goals I think 2014 will be an awesome year, can’t wait to see whats in store via House of Earnest! Best of luck!

  • Great and beautifully presented resolutions! Reading more is on my list, too!