Mint Infused Bourbon with Free Printables

When spring rolls around, I start thinking a lot about weddings, and this year is especially prone to these thoughts because we have several good friends tying the knot.

I’ve noticed, however, that there are a severe lack of manly favors and goodies out there.  So whether you’re bachelor party bound, or just getting in the Derby spirit, here is a fun little flavor infused bourbon for your spring.

With bottles supplied by Specialty Bottle (at just two bucks a piece), I bottled my own Mint infused bourbon, and for kicks threw in some homemade simple syrup.  Together they make a great Mint Julip with minimal headache – everything is already included, so all the recipient had to do is pour over crushed ice.

First, bruise and crush about seven sprigs of mint into a vessel which can tightly close.  Completely submerge the mint with a liter of bourbon.  Let the mixture sit for a week to two weeks allowing the flavors to incorporate.  Pour the flavored concoction into your vessel and cap!  If you also want to make the simple syrup, it’s just one part water to one part sugar.  Heat in a small saucepan on medium heat until the sugar is full melted.  Let the syrup cool before bottling.  How easy was that?

You can download the Mint Bourbon and Simple Syrup Printable for your own private use.  They fit perfectly for the size of the Boston Glass 8.5 oz bottle from Specialty Bottle that I mentioned above.

Do you think you’ll try this out?  The only special skill you need is a bit of patience, which I understand it’s kind of a lot to ask with minty flavor bourbon taunting you.

Have an INCREDIBLE Tuesday!


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    Now, you know you’re talkin’ my language with this. I love some liquor-infusin’! In fact, this is exactly what we did for Michael’s groomsmen’s gifts. We did bacon-infused whiskey and vanilla/citrus-infused bourbon, put them in cute little bottles, and included all the ingredients plus a recipe for a specialty cocktail or two and a monogrammed glass.

    Love those labels!

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    I think this is an AWESOME idea and I agree with you about lack of manly “favors”. This would also be a great housewarming gift, I think. Infused bourbon is very hip in Brooklyn these days so I’ll have to make some for my next stay in NY as a host(ess) gift.

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    Erin! I love the new look it is soooooo you and your content is killer lady. You are a total rock star!!

    Just wanted to tell you I am loving all of what you are doing lately :)

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    Bourbon + printables = win. I may have to whip up a bottle of this for my friend’s birthday, since her birthday party is going to be on Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day.

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    Hi Erin, I came across your site via pinterest with this great project above. I am loving what I see. We share a similar design and entertaining philosophy and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


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