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These little melty valentine hearts were quick and fun and look so pretty.  Just a pack of crayons and some waxed paper was all it took to get a vibrantly swirled hearts.

Sandwich colorful crayon shavings between two sheets of waxed paper. With plenty of paper towel on either side of the waxed paper, iron on low to melt the crayon. Use the edge of the iron to spread the crayon into a thin layer, so it’s not all glopped in the middle, being carefull not to squeeze the crayon out of the edges.   Once cool, cut into hearts.  Three of these yielded about 10, 3 inch hearts.

You can use the hearts in any way, make a valentine, dress up your dinner place-setting, create a bunting or mobile .  Anyway you choose to use them, they’re sure to melt someone’s heart!

Have a LOVELY Thursday, out there!



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  • SO fun, girl! You were right…this is bright and cheery! This would be fun to do with kids – I’m sure they’d go crazy seeing the crayons melting!

  • Wow, so lovely. Great idea!

  • I love those colors! Totally Valentinesy but not too cutesy. Cool stuff!

  • I love these! So easy and fun to make!

  • This looks pretty easy… except I know I will make it very messy – ha! Very fun idea.


    • It really wasn’t messy at all! I was surprised that just a few paper towels above and below caught any residual leaking crayon.

  • these are darling! i love valentines day 🙂

  • What beautiful, warm colors! I always think orange is sadly under-utilized around Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • These look so fun to make! and I love how you styled them.

  • This is so creative! I would even consider using these as a DIY project for my wedding to place on the tables, to close the invites, or decorate something. lol. Love this. 🙂 ***heading to the store to buy crayons very soon***

    • Kimberly- I loved buying the crayons… it was a flashback to school!

  • Saw this on VMac & Cheese! I was planning on making some this weekend! Can’t wait now! And I pinned it also! haha. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow – what a beautiful project – I loved this!!

  • I made these for my kids this weekend. I pulled out a section of the newspaper, opened it and placed the wax paper in it. Then I ironed over the paper. I seemed to get good results with that. I drew hearts on the finished product, cut them out and we Scotch taped them to the inside of the storm door. (full glass front.) They are very festive!

    Question – did you use Crayola? I used an off brand (Dollar store) They were very brittle
    – How did you shave the crayons? I ended up using a vegetable peeler.

    • Michelle – Yes, I used Crayola! I just peeled them with a pair of scissors taking shallow cuts. I’m glad they turned out well!

  • Just did this with my 3 year old and she loved creating her own valentines to display in our home! Thanks!