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Guys, today I am ecstatic to tell you something!  Are you ready for it? I’ve written an article for Better Homes & Gardens and it’s going up on their website today!  The concept is how to layer trendy design pieces into your (existing) more traditional home decor.  I know it’s a topic that a lot of people struggle with, so facing the subject head on by showing folks what colors and items to layer together in order to execute these stylish trends in our homes.

Head on over to the Better Homes and Garden Style Spotters page today to see the post (I think it will go up around 9am), let me know if you like the concept and if so, what ‘trendier’ design pieces would you want me to tackle in the future?  Is there any one home decor item or piece of furniture that you want to work into your home?  Tell me!


p.s.  in other news, we have a WINNER of the $50 home depot gift card and P&G outdoor cleaning products!  I’ll shoot you an email so watch your inboxes!

p.p.s. The beautiful room above as absolutely nothing to do with my BHG post, but isn’t it SO pretty.  I love everything about this look.

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  • So cool!! Congrats my dear!

  • That’s too awesome! COngrats on the article! I love how you transformed that little moment into something that is still timeless, but like a breath of fresh air at the same time.

  • Absolutely love this look! Been looking for the right place to incorporate it at home. Love how the larger base rug (maybe something you already have) gives you the flexibility to use a smaller rug that might not normally work on it’s own. You could easily get away with purchasing a beloved, more expensive piece in a smaller, less expensive size with this treatment.

  • By the way… congrats on the article! You are making it happen!

  • That’s incredible, Erin! Better Homes & Gardens is one of my go-tos for décor and garden design suggestions, what an honor it must have been to add that notch to your belt 🙂 As far as trendier design items — I definitely find myself sticking with classics when it comes to actual furniture and larger items, but mixing in trendier pieces or eclectic vintage finds when it comes to art, knick-knacks, and the like. Can’t wait to see more features!

  • Love! So awesome, Erin, that’s wonderful news! 🙂

  • Congratulations! May I ask, how did you find yourself writing an article for Better Homes & Gardens? Did you pitch the idea to them first? Thanks!