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I’m not going to lie and tell you the last few weeks haven’t been difficult.  I’m adjusting to the new normal of being a ‘work at home mom’ and feel discouraged and defeated.  Work that used to take me a few hours takes me a few days now.   I’m so behind that when I do have a free hour or two, I can’t focus on any one thing, but the laundry list of work that’s been falling through the cracks.

I completely gave up on the notion of decorating for fall, seeing as how it’s already the end of October and so many other things deserved my attention.  I thought, “why go through the hassle this late in the game?”.

Then I remembered why.  Because I love it.  Because it’s the small things – like decorating the stoop, planting mums, or creating a seasonal wreath that bring me back to feeling like me.


It’s on the toughest days that relishing in the simple things – the things that we do just for the beauty of it – matters so much.  The days when we feel like the world is caving in and we can’t do one thing right are the days when we need to focus on the simple pleasures.

I thought fall was passing without me, but I realized this weekend that it isn’t gone yet.  So while my mums, my stoop, and my wreath might all be late, it made my day.  And that’s a great thing.

My leafy wreath is going to be on the blog on Wednesday… and I think that it can last all of the way through Thanksgiving, so if you are running late on life (like me), it’s NOT too late to do something pretty and autumnal.  Stay tuned!



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  • Pretty porch! You’re so right when you say you decorate because you love it. I feel the same way. Can’ wait for the wreath tutorial. It’s a beauty.

  • That looks lovely! good for you doing self care during a challenging time 🙂 with such pretty results!

  • The stoop looks great! I’m glad you found the time to squeeze it in for yourself. Now you’ll enjoy it every time you come and go, which makes it so so worth it!!

  • Being a mom of a baby and running a small business is tough, just know that it gets easier as your child gets older, the feeling of not getting enough done is only the short-term. You can do it!

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait for the tutorial! And great reminder to take time to do the things you love! Hang in there… the season of change can be difficult (I know as Im going through a bit of a tough period), but somehow, we all always get through it. 🙂

  • You are not alone!!! I commented on a previous post of yours about how it is impossible to “have it all”. It’s tough being a mom. You have to balance a child/children, work, a husband, and making time for yourself. So many moms feel the same way. I used to be such a gym rat but now that I have 2 year old twins and a 7 month old, I haven’t been to a gym in over a year. Instead I go on long walks with the baby and carrying the kids around is definitely a work out.
    I just planted my mums this weekend too 😉
    Accept help when it’s offered and make time for you and your husband for date night and most importantly, yourself. Whether it’s a workout, a run, or even getting your haircut, take time for you!!
    Go see Bad Mom’s too!!

  • Dear Erin– I was very moved by your remarks about feeling defeated because I understand that feeling very well. I am a doctor
    who had a successful and busy practice before my son came along. I was beyond happy at having a baby, but very surprised
    at how little I was able to get done once he was born. I must have paid $250 in late fees that first year, because none of my bills
    got paid on time. My house was so messy I was embarrassed every time someone came over (but they didn’t care about that,
    they just wanted to see the baby.) All of the critical paperwork related to my practice piled up. When a friend of mine who is a
    vice president of a company, and looks like she always has it together told me she hadn’t paid a bill on time since her daughter
    was born, it was a revelation. I thought everyone else was handling this really well. Little did I know…

    You will not be able to do everything the way you used to. You have added in a new and extraordinary dimension to your life.
    What I want to tell you is to make the most of those slow times. Drink it in. This time will be gone so quickly, and these quiet
    times with your baby may become some of the happiest memories of your life, so don’t rush them or take away from their
    enjoyment by worrying about how you will “get it all done.” You won’t get it all done. Figure out how to get enough of it done
    to a standard that you can accept, and embrace the fact that parents of small children are already doing a lot and cannot do
    everything perfectly or on time or sometimes even at all. All the love and attention and time you devote to your little one now
    will pay back a great return in a happy and well adjusted and blossoming child that is (usually!) a pleasure to live with. Not easy
    but so worth it. My memories of my professional life at that time are a blur, but I treasure the memories of laughing with my
    baby, showing him everything for the first time, (what a surprise the inside of a watermelon was!) and staying up till
    2:00 AM with my husband laughing hysterically because we were so tired, trying to figure out how to make butterfly wings for
    a Halloween costume, or an exploding volcano birthday cake. You are a high-functioning professional with high standards for
    yourself, and it shows in the quality of your blog. Keep trying to do your best, but maybe not with the same volume of things
    you originally planned, because now you have a whole other volume of things to give your all to. Keep your goals and dreams
    alive, but realize they might not be achieved on the same timetable as before, but meanwhile other pretty fabulous things are
    happening too. And enjoy enjoy enjoy every moment that you can. Those moments are your future memories and I hope you
    end up with a treasure box full like I have.