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diy trivet with wooden beads easy to assemble

This project came up last weekend totally by accident.  I had a bunch of wooden bead packets sitting in my dining room for another project and was also in the process of making some tea.

I realized at that point that I didn’t own one trivet.  In the past, I used towels or cutting boards for hot items and never really thought twice about it.  In that moment, I wanted to bring my teapot into the dining room where I was working, so I just decided to string twelve of these beads quickly together to form a resting place for my pot.

Not only did it work out wonderfully, but I thought it was really simple and pretty and thus, should be shared with you guys.

wooden bead trivet - how to

wooden bead trivet - 2

wooden bead trivet - 4

So it was as easy as that!  The bad news is that my aforementioned project which started the whole need for tea went south really fast and was a pretty big failure. I suppose I got the trivet out of the whole process, and for that, I’m thankful!

Have you ever quickly put something together out of necessity and it become one of your favorite things? If so, share in the comments below!

Have a MARVELOUS Thursday, you guys!

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  • Erin, I love love love this. And how great that you didn’t even intend to make the trivet in the first place 🙂 Oh, creativity 😉

  • Great idea! I love the clean look of the wooden beads.

  • I did this last year with felt balls! Absolutely love the look of the wooden beads too 🙂 Might have to make another now!

  • Love this! It’s graphic and simple 🙂

  • Just love your blog! so inspiring and found it via craftgawker. I will definatley come back here. I´m your new follower through bloglovin.
    Wish you a great weekend.

  • Hi Erin!
    I like what you do!
    It’s seems great! Thank you for this DIY 😉