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map my state give away

When the holiday season rolls around, I start to think about what home means to me compared to what home may be for someone else.  My family has always lived in Ohio, and although I’ve had a bout of time in Tennessee and Colorado, Ohio will always be home.

For others, they may live far from home or consider their current town home even if it’s not where they grew up.

This week – before we all head around the country and world for the holiday season, I’d love to celebrate ‘HOME’ with you guys by having a giveaway from Map My State!

Ashley and Ben, the founders of Map My State, had lots of homes between the two of them, so they created custom art to represent each of their favorite spots and are giving away TWO 8″x10″ prints to the winner!

map my state - gift for travelers

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**This giveaway is limited to US addresses or APO addresses**

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Latest comments
  • Love these!

  • Ohio is where I grew up, too!

  • These are beautiful… I say, home is where the heart is. It is where I feel belong.

  • Gotta give some love to the great state of NJ ! But I went to school in Ohio and fell in love with the state as well :)

  • great giveaway!!!!

  • So fun! It took me a minute to locate my hometown on the Ohio map, but there it is, even though its a small city.

  • I’m an Ohio girl, too!

  • These would be perfect in our home!

  • Connecticut!!

  • Ohio will always be home for me as well. I’ll always have nostalgia for it no matter where I end up :)

  • I’m a Virginia girl!

  • Home, home is Seattle, but current home is Charleston. It’s OK to have more than one “home,” right?

  • Ohio! What a fantastic gift for the hard to buy for on my Christmas list!

  • Love these prints. Especially the great state of Texas! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Rhode Island is my home (401 represent!) and my finace is from CT :)

  • These are great!

  • these are so cool!

  • These are great! I always use “home” when I talk about Alabama, but Ohio (where my kids were born!!) is also home now!

  • im a texas girl, living in oklahoma now. i would love something like this!

  • I currently live in Ohio… but Michigan is really home!

  • My fiance and I have been long distance for 3.5 years. We finally moved in together this year, and we now live in Washington DC. Waking up next to him everyday makes our house finally feel like a home.

  • Minnesota will always feel like home :)

  • Home has been a lot of places, from California to Massachusetts to Tennessee… but it always ends up being where my family is.

  • NC is home to me! I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The weather is perfect and we have both mountains and the ocean! :)

  • North Carolina is where I was born and bred and still live to this day. I love this state and can’t imagine living anywhere else!

  • home for me, will always be outside chicago.

  • I live in DC, which is a new sort of young-adult home for me. BUT I’m a native New Yorker (upstate- Ithaca)and will absolutely live there again when it’s time to have a family.

  • O…H…….I O is home for me.

  • Current home is Ohio but past homes have been Connecticut, Virginia and New York!

  • Such a cute idea! What a great Christmas gift too. Perfect timimg for this post = )

  • I grew up in Wisconsin, moved away for college, and then came back to a different area of my home state.

  • New York, NY!

  • I’m from Tallahassee, FL but home is now Jacksonville, FL

  • I was born in Alaska, moved to Florida, went to college in Missouri, moved back to Florida. I consider Naples, FL my home!

  • This would be a great house warming gift for my brother who moved from North Carolina.

  • California is home, at least it is the place where I was born and raised. Since then I have livein in NC, NY, and currently OH.

  • Home for me will always be in San Luis Obispo, California!

  • I’m a new transplant to California!

  • The good ole’ Hoosier state! Born and raised in Indiana :)

  • Home is Tennessee!

  • I love these! I’ve lived a bunch of places, but Virginia is always where I’ve considered “home”

  • These are great!

  • Very cute! I love maps and these take it to the next level!

  • too cute! Cali will always be my home :) But I’ll roam Italy any day of the week!

  • Home was always New York but for the past 6 years home has been North Carolina,love these!

  • WANT OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For me, home will always be Saint Louis!

  • where my friends & family are :)

  • So cute! What a fun idea! Minnesota will always be my home, but I’ll travel virtually anywhere :)

  • I haven’t lived in Ohio for 6 years now but I think I still consider it “home”!

  • I’m a California girl.

  • love these! Minnesota will always have my heart

  • I grew up in Texas :0)

  • I live in Colorado and LOVE it but Wisconsin will ALWAYS be home! Us Wisconsinites are everywhere but love our HOME state!

  • Louisiana is my home.

  • Fun! I love the international ones. Honduras is a second home to me so I love that one.

  • Even though I live in Chicago and was in Virginia for eight years before that, Philadelphia will always be home!

  • Fun! I love that the Kentucky one is a Kentucky blue. :)

  • Virginia!

  • Memphis, TN!

  • Super cute. Would look great in my new house!

  • Home is Oregon, second home Austria!

  • Would love one of these! Especially when you have to live away from home!

  • Hello! I’m a Georgia girl! : )

  • Fun!

  • Home is where my cat is…in Pennsylvania!

  • I LOVE geography prints!

  • cute! I’d love one of my home state CA :)

  • beautiful! i wouldn’t know where to begin… my husband and i currently live in ecuador (and it certainly feels like home) but we grew up in NJ and VT respectively… and we love to travel everywhere! what lovely prints!

  • I go home to MA for the holidays but then I go back home to Los Angeles for real life :)

  • I love these! It would be hard to choose.

  • Seattle originally, but I have been in Portland for 4 years now and as a recent newlywed, Portland is quickly becoming the place I now consider to be home.

  • Virginia is and always has been home, even when I lived in other states!

  • Italy!!!!!

  • Colorado will always be home!

  • What a cute idea! I have been all over the place; lived in California, Illinois, New Jersey, and finally Massachusetts!

  • My husband and I have retired and moved to Chicago. This is a dream come true so this is home to us.

  • I moved so much over the years that I have always been unsure of where “home” really was….but I have been in Texas for almost a decade now and I love it here! So I am going to say….viva Tejas! :)

  • Houston, Texas is home, and I’m thrilled to be back! xx

  • I’m a Kentucky girl!!

  • i call arizona home because my parents live there, even though i don’t and i didn’t grow up there!

  • Home is Michigan now but somehow Pennsylvania still gets referred to that way too!

  • These are so sweet!

  • Alabama!

  • I LOVE these prints! I just moved away from home and would love a reminder of my beloved state of Pennsylvania.

  • W I S C O N S I N <3

  • Home is where I live now – in this apartment with Hubby for 3 1/2 years and will be sad to leave.

  • Home is Florida for us!

  • Always my Old Kentucky Home

  • I would have trouble picking out just two places!

  • (woops pressed enter too soon!) but I’d have to pick Kansas and the Netherlands.

  • Oh I want a Pittsburgh! or a Cleveland (my new home next week!)


  • Oh my goodness, these are amazing! Home will always be Michigan for me and Pennsylvania for my husband, even though we met, married and live in Virginia these days. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  • Home for me will always be Texas!!

  • Virginia and New York!

  • Virginia is home.

  • Brooklyn, New York

  • I love these – especially since my husband and I miss our home states very much! :)

    • I didn’t mention where home is!
      Minnesota! My husband is from South Dakota and we now live in Texas. :)

  • Michigan has been my home most of my life.

  • Though I haven’t lived there for 10 years, Ohio is forever my home :)

  • Do they have France??

  • Colorado – born and raised!

  • Napa Valley is home to me!

  • Love these! We have one from DC where my husband and I lived for 10+ years. Would love to have one of CT where we both grew up and are now raising our children.

  • Oh my goodness! I’ve been looking for something like this for a gallery wall in our home, and I LOVE these! Would be perfect for the space!

    • And Tennessee is the home I’ve always known and loved… but Louisiana became my home during college and after, especially since it’s where I met my husband and where his family still lives. Would love a print of both.

  • With my family in Bethlehem, PA. Or anywhere my husband is.

  • Loved Philly and NYC but Cali will always be home!

  • I’d love an Ohio print – my home state also.
    Though as the years go by, someplace warmer during the winter months is sounding better & better;)

  • Pacific Northwest of Washington State!

  • NJ is home!!

  • These are so great, they’d be perfect for a gallery wall. I grew up in Alabama, and live here now – so it’s definitely home! I went to college in Texas though, so that will always be my favorite place to visit!

  • One of these would be perfect for decorating our new home!

    My fiancé and I are from opposite sides of PA, and we now live in his hometown. I feel like i have 2 “homes”, where we live now, and my hometown 5 hours away. I would love to have something that has both on it!

    Btw that Ohio one makes me smile – we lived in BG for 2 years, and i worked in Findlay – while its not home its were we began our “grown up” lives, got engaged, and found out i was pregnant!

  • I called Texas home for a long time but now that I’ve been in SC for a year, it definitely feels more like home!

  • I call California home, and South Africa is where I’ve roamed

  • I call New Hampshire home, and Ireland is where I love to roam. These maps are absolutely amazing!

  • I live in Ohio now, but Michigan is my true home.

  • Oregon is my home! Currently residing in washington! Close but not quite home yet.

  • I call Dallas (TX) my home, I was born and raised there.

  • The Ivory Coast is my home.

  • Home sweet home for me is Maryland. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I live in Canada, but home will always be Michigan. I appreciate it even more now that I’m gone. I’m so lucky to have such a gorgeous home state :)

  • I’m putting this on my list for Santa.

  • I’m a Canadian girl up in BC! (don’t worry, I have a US address to ship to)

  • love this!

  • Wisconsin is where I call home, but California is where I roamed for the past 5 years! These are lovely because I always try to remember my midwestern roots!

  • Kentucky!

  • I love these, and would love to give them to family members for Christmas!

  • Washington state!

  • The place I see as my home today is the city where I’ve been living for the last 3 years, for my studies. I had never thought I would like this city so much when I came here. But whenever I feel good in a place I call it home. I lived in Germany for only six months during last winter and I really enjoyed the place where I was, so it was my home at this time, even if it was only for 6 months!

  • came all the way from IN to NJ! cute prints.

  • DC :)

  • Ohio is home to me!

  • Home is in Duluth, MN

  • My husband and I have spent most of our married life in New York, Tanzania, and Pennsylvania.

  • Home is currently Arlington, TX. I am from Nebraska though