Holiday Decor Style: Trend or Tradition?

trend or tradition


You may be thinking, “whoa, Erin… too early”.  But I sit here with over an inch of snow on the ground this morning, and cannot help but get into the holiday spirit – big time.  Also, I’m a big advocate of thinking of my decorating plans early, implementing half of the look for Thanksgiving, then adding on the extra Christmasy touches for the month of December.  This makes the decorating go a little smoother and helps my ‘look’ stay consistent.

Speaking of my ‘look’, each year I have an internal struggle about my Christmas decor.  Early in the season (like now) I think I want to do something really fun and new, but then once the carolers start caroling and sugarplums start dancing, I always yearn for a super traditional look.

I think this year, I’m going to strike a balance.  I’ve got some schemes brewing in my mind already and I can’t wait to show you my direction, but do tell… When it comes to the holiday season, where does your decor lean?  Trendy?  Or traditional?


p.s.  If you want to strike a trend vs traditional balance with me – then you should come to my West Elm DIY event this thursday where we’ll all make wreaths together!

 modern tinsel wreath from West Elm  |  Traditional canella berry wreath from LLBean


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    We are very traditional around here, too! I always get a fresh, delicious smelling pine or fir wreath for the front door, a real tree, and some real garland for our mantle and staircase. It’s glorious!! Though, last year was bizarre– we took a 16 day trip to Oklahoma & Kansas to see my husband’s family and didn’t think it would be a good idea to leave a real tree here for that long without water, so we strung our indoor ficus with lights and hung ornaments on it. We got a small table top tree that we took to the Oklahoma hotel with us! As close to traditional as I could get!

    And I cannot wait to come to your West Elm event on Thursday! It will be nice to see you again since we’ve somehow both been too busy for coffee!

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    I go back and forth a lot on the traditional versus trendy debate — I tend to skew somewhere along the traditional side but with fun pops of color or metallics to keep it fresh! And loving your work with West Elm lately, I’ve actually been working on a showcase of their West Elm Market products on my blog as well, such good finds! :)


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