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holiday 2012 Exterior - 1

I promised I’d show the outside of my house and how my holiday decor theme stretched its way to the exterior.  The winter whites, gold, and brown continue outside through the use of pinecones, ribbon, burlap and a couple of trusty bronze planters.

It is easy to switch out color schemes from the previous year by purchasing plain greenery and updating the ribbons and sprig wreath accents.  Those little picks from the craft store are just about a dollar a piece and will be a lot more versatile than a buying specifically colored wreaths and greens.

holiday 2012 Exterior - 3

holiday 2012 Exterior - 6

Adding burlap to the mix is a bit more rustic than I went indoors, but the burlap isn’t going to disintegrate as much in the winter weather.  I kept the pretty metallic bows in just two small hits atop my mini Christmas trees which flank the door.

For more photos,

Holiday 2012 Exterior diptcyh

holiday 2012 Exterior - 2

It’s really important to me to be efficient and ensure that I’m buying holiday decor which can be versatile, have multiple purposes or can be used again. The little trees are actually in planters and can be used in the landscaping after winter has come and gone, so they’re not going to just be thrown away.   Aside from the plain greenery which was purchased five years ago, the metallic sprigs are the only frivolous purchase to bring this porch together.

Decorating the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming either – a large bundle of zip ties was all it took to put this look together in under an hour.

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday out there, guys!


p.s. There will be a second post later today (around 2-ish) with a “Simple, Seasonal” idea that could be a fun activity for kids!

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Latest comments
  • I adore your style! My favorite is the bows on the banisters with the pine cones!

  • Very nice…simple, elegant and spiritied.

  • I appreciate how you explain how you have swapped out last year’s for this year’s and which pieces you keep to use each year… it seems like a lot of bloggers do a TOTAL overhaul from year to year and I always wonder what they DO with all of the stuff from previous years if each year is so 100% different (it also seems wasteful and expensive).

  • Beautiful! I love how you added the pine cone to the ribbon.

  • No doubt yours is the house everyone passes by and says “that’s my dream house”. Love your beautiful porch all dressed up for the holidays. Lovely details!

  • Your outdoor decor is darling. So festive and simple — love it! 🙂

  • I really like how you’ve used neutrals but kept it festive with the bows. Craft picks are my favorite holiday decorating tool – like you said, I can switch up my decor every year for just a few dollars.

  • Your house looks beautiful. My porch is pretty much the same style so it is great to see decorating ideas because I was not sure what to do with my porch. Plus I love the pots and they are great for any season.

  • Your house is so lovely Erin!!!

  • It’s simple and gorgeous! Have A Merry Christmas!