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It’s that time!  I’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here – Holiday decorating time! I spoke last year about decorating ‘themes’ and although I don’t like a lot of kitsch, I do think that establishing a theme helps maintain focus when overwhelmed with possibilities.  In the past few years, I’ve taken a rustic, woodland approach and although this year, I’m not making a big departure from that theme, I do have a swing in my color choices.

My theme (if you will) this year is Woodsy Gilded White.  I want to use a lot of white, but not in a fancy way.  The theme will utilize textures like felt, fur, and birch to create layers of cream and white and the ‘gild’ will come in the form of rich browns and metallics.

The whole look will be grounded with woodgrain and green (the tree) to keep it from getting to formal or serious.  Gifts wrapped simply in solid colors will further reinforce the color scheme.

I’m so excited to share my projects that support Woodsy Gilded White over the next few weeks.  I’ll have a mixture of hands-on projects, really simple style (that anyone can do), and some tips, treats, and ideas for a perfect holiday!  Get excited!

Now, how’s that for a happy Monday?

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Latest comments
  • Love your “theme” 🙂 Rustic decor is always a win with me! I can’t wait to see your DIY projects.

  • Love these! I try not to cross the kitsch line as well when decorating for the holidays, but these look so beautiful!

  • This is such a pretty palette, I love the gold sparkle mixed with the warmer earth tones.

  • You just nailed my same “theme” on the head! SO looking forward to your Christmas posts!

  • Can’t wait to see more of this! In the past few years, I’ve stuck to red, silver and blue for Christmas, but I’m always tempted to do a more rustic or even beachy theme. I just don’t want to feel like I need to buy all new stuff each year.

  • Excellent choice, Erin – metallics are big right now and you’ve interpreted the look into Holiday so stylishly!