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Me again, Lacey Anne here for my monthly post to reveal one of my favorite hidden treasures!  Each month I’ll be sharing something special for you!  A cool find, a favorite place for home décor or gifts, some before and after diy projects, and some ramblings about my adventures and addiction to my main source of steals, my main man… Craig!  Or his list, to be exact…

This month I want to share with you a bit of a before and after of my dining room, which has been in production now for roughly two years.  I’m still undecided on a few décor dilemmas, but for now, we’re going to focus on the huge wall to the rear/side of the room that I couldn’t figure out how to tackle.  But, I digress.  This is how the dining room and I began our relationship…


(*Ok, disclaimer:  I am not a lover of red, or beige.  I know there are many-a-rooms living out there with a similar color scheme, and while I’m not completely knocking it… ok I’m knocking it…)

Then we moved on to step two:


Still lacking window treatments… which I made.  But let me warn you, making pinch pleated, lined, linen drapes that are 101” long will quickly turn into a headache, and much wrangling  and cursing of hems.

So while still trying to decide what to do about that huge wall, I came across a post for an antique reproduction mirror for $75 and I could not believe my eye balls.  This guy is over five feet wide and close to four feet tall and it is more than perfect for visually extending the room and reflecting light in a beautiful way.  I was thinking a mirror of this size would run me over $500.  No?  No.


To become a master Craigslister, make sure you’re searching for your item in all the ways someone could possibly think to list it.  In the title, in the body, spelled wrong, or maybe even letters transposed.  Search all items, search your drilled down category, or even search for the color!  I found this one by searching “champagne.”  True story!

I know I promised to post about last month’s iron bed all set up… but I have yet to tackle the guest room any further since I’m only 10 weeks away from the arrival of my sweet baby girl!  And the nursery takes priority of course!

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you next month!

Lacey Anne

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  • I love what you’ve done!! I’m on the hunt for an oblong table right now to put in our empty dining room. I love the mismatched chair look too–totally going for the same thing 🙂

  • Ah, I love this before & after! I love what she did with the mirror, paint, & chandelier!

  • I love what you’ve done – that mirror is fantastic in the room! I started with my dining room remodel with a practically identical before and am moving in a similar direction. Definitely putting a large mirror on my list.

    Check it out: