Hand Made: Lacquered Animal Bookends

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I was bursting at the seams to share this project and today is the day!  I love lacquered anything, but this cute little animals in a lovely deep blue are such a welcome addition to my office.  They were so so simple to make and the options of animal, object, and color are endless.  I think I might even make a few for gifts!

bookends 1

bookends diptych

bookends workflow

I simply used Gorilla Super Glue to adhere a plastic toy to a brick, painted with a high gloss paint and finished it off with a high gloss lacquer top coat. Easy, huh?

I had so much fun playing around with styling them and thought the monkey’s faces were humorous.  I really wanted to find horses or a lion, but truth be told, finding the toy to use was the hardest part of this project.  I ended up using dog toys, but I think a trip to a large toy store probably would have yielded good results as well.

So what do you think?  Silly? Fun? Can I say chic?

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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  1. says

    how fun is this!
    our house is filled with funny little animal this-&-that, and I think that picking out the animals for this project sounds SO fun.

  2. says

    This is the most creative idea! I love how simple it is but how gorgeous the result comes out in the end. Thanks so much for sharing!

    -Lucy @ Leading a Happy Life

  3. Leigh Buehler-Rappold says

    Holy cow these are adorable! Erin you amaze me at your creativity…new bookends for me and the kids!! I think I’ll make some race car ones for my son’s room. He has a ton of race cars that are not in the best of shape.

  4. Wendy says

    Thank you so much for this great idea, I cannot find bookends I love in black and the only ones available out there are way too expensive.


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