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One of my favorite things about fall is that the temps die down and I get to open up my windows and doors, letting in all of the cool breezes and crisp leafy scents. This gourd doorstop is not only pretty, but is useful for keeping open doors from blowing shut (in the event of one of the aforementioned cool breezes).

Fresh gourds and pumpkins will rot before fall is over and dried gourds are too light to handle a heavy door, but I’ve come up with just the solution to keep the fall spirit alive and functional inside my home.

If you’re interested in the full tutorial, keep reading for how I made this little dried gourd into a heavy sitter for the doorway.


  • 1 dried gourd ($14 at West Elm, not for sale online, check your store)
  • 2 28 oz bags of craft sand ($2.99 at Michael’s)
  • Sharp knife
  • freezer bag
  • craft glue

ONE using a sharp, pointed knife, carefully and slowly insert the knife into the bottom of the gourd in a square shape.  Since the gourd is dry, it could crack if you aren’t slow and careful with your cuts. TWO pour craft sand into the dried gourd cavity.  I used about four pounds (two bags) of sand.  THREE glue a square of plastic cut from a freezer bag over the hole.  FOUR spread glue along the edge of the plastic as well, and brush to cover the entire outer rim of the plastic square.


I love the new little addition to my entryway and I hope you’ll try it out!


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Latest comments
  • Your entryway looks so pretty! Love the new seasonal doorstopper too. What a great idea!

  • Such a great idea! And, so much prettier to look at the half-used gallon of paint I’m currently using as a door stop 🙂

  • So happy that Fall is here! I’m definitely going to get a few gourds for around the house.
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  • lovely!

  • Brilliant!!! Love old dried out gourds and I even have a few lying around the house now. Looks like I might be repurposing them before long. 😉

  • great idea! it really adds up to the fall decor!

  • haha, so simple and brilliant! you amaze me, Erin!

  • Thank You for the interesting time I have spent reviewing your blog from the start through today. I have especially enjoyed the DIY aspects, and the metamorphosis of your home’s transformation. Wished I had kept a photographic record of the apartments and houses I have done over the years. With the advent of the internet, and invention of the Blog, I have been exposed to wonderful images. Thank You again for the opportunity to see what you have collected, and created. May you continue in these endeavors! Smiles and warm thoughts go with you.

  • I am seriously obsessed with your hardwood floors….they are perfect!!!! Great idea for door stoppers, I love Fall. Xo