Hand Made: Eucalyptus Bath Sachets

Eucalyptus Sachets - 1

I got home from Alt Summit yesterday afternoon after spending 4 days schmoozing, socializing, meeting with sponsors, and speaking to the (huge) crowd.  I promptly decided that I needed some serious relaxation before the week begins.

In the January issue of Martha Stewart’s Living, they had a quick little idea to put a eucalyptus sprig in tea paper for a quick bath sachet.  I liked the idea, but didn’t love it.  Firstly, who has tea paper? Not me. Secondly, why not perk up the ingredients a tad?

Eucalyptus Sachet Diptych

I decided that there was a much easier and all-over better way to go about this using coffee filters and a few additional ingredients – lemon and mint.  There are a few other combinations that I think would be awesome as well.


  1. Coffee Filter
  2. String
  3. Sachet Filler:
    • Lemon zest
    • Mint
    • Eucalyptus

Other filler ideas:

    • Lavender
    • Grapefruit Zest
    • Rosebuds
    • Chamomile
    • Powdered Milk or Honey
    • Ground Oats
    • Lemon Verbena

ONE gather a small pile of your filler in the center of a coffee filter. TWO tie it up into a little sack with string THREE package in an old tea tin for gifting

Eucalyptus Sachets - Workflow

Eucalyptus Sachets - Materials


Why not make a whole bunch as Valentines gifts for your friends?  These darling little indulgent treats that will pamper those closest to you and show them that you care.  If you’d like the printable label – click here for the template.

Have a RELAXING week!



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  1. says

    What a great idea! I have a lot of dried herbs leftover from DIY beauty projects–individually, not enough for a full project, but combined, I could put them to use with this project.

    Very cool- thx for sharing!

  2. says

    That would make such a cute little gift. I’ve never seen these ruffled coffee filters in shops. I only ever see them online or at coffee shops. Maybe they’re only sold wholesale in South Africa.

  3. Pat C. says

    I found your clever twist on Martha’s bath sachet on Rebecca’s Soap Deli News blog… I bookmarked this post even before commenting!♥ Thank you for sharing.: ) xoxo

  4. Deborah Phillips says


    Love this idea!

    Quick question to clarify. Do you just pop it into the bath or can you use in drawers and suitcases as well?



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