Hand Made: Accordion Hearts


I love a fun gift topper, and these little accordion hearts are both fun to receive and fun to make (believe me, I made about ten of them)! I think the three dimensional aspect of it is what makes it stand out – literally.

accordian heart toppers - 2

accordian heart diptych

 It’s early enough to make a few for Valentines day (or any day) and stash them away for when you’re wrapping gifts.  The heart toppers only use one half of a piece of construction paper so get out your scissors and get going! (PDF template to print included!)


accordian heart workflow


accordian heart toppers - 3


ONE trace the template on a half piece of paper TWO fold it – accordion style – with a fold at about each half inch. THREE tie the bundle right in the middle with string to secure. FOUR fan out each end and tape with double stick tape.

Tie or stick it onto the wrapped package of your choice and you’re ready to wow!



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    Hi Erin, Love these! They look so beautiful and very doable. I really enjoyed your panel at ALT. All your tips were very helpful. Thanks so much!

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    These are so cute and look incredibly easy. I wasn’t really planning on giving any Valentine’s Day gifts but I might have to now just to try this out!


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