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hand written thank you - 3

Yesterday, I spend some spare time to practice a little hand lettering with my new calligraphy pen.  I bought some white ink and have been learning (slowly) how to make the strokes and letters.  It’s way more difficult that I’d initially anticipated. Partly because I already write in elaborate script for my regular hand and thought the strokes would be the same, which totally isn’t the case, and partly because I’m so new to the ink distribution and how to control it.

There is still a ton for me to learn and a LOT of practice in my future, but it was fun to try my hand (pun intended) at something new with the bonus of having some hand written cards to send to the friends to traveled near and far this weekend for party my husband threw for my 30th birthday.

hand written thank you - 4

hand written thank you - 2

Doesn’t receiving something hand made from a friend make it ten times better?

My calligraphy (if you can call it that) needs to improve vastly, but I’m excited to have had the chance to practice and all get some things checked off my to-do list in the process!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday out there – and try something new!

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  • I love the way they look and the intentions are what matter the most right? hah. My aunt is a professional calligrapher and oh man, it is an ART! I’m a fan.. So good luck with your new project! xx

  • I love calligraphy!i am as much of an amature as you are, but I find it fun, and always pretty!

  • Lovely! It never occurred to me that white ink was a thing. I feel like I can’t live without it now. Funny how that happens 😉

  • I think it still looks beautiful! I love receiving and giving handmade gifts 🙂 Definitely shows the time and care put into it.

  • Looks pretty good. I got myself a calligraphy starter kit last year, and I too thought I would be a natural. I had no idea that it involved completely relearning the way I created each letter. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do if I plan on ever debuting my skills.

  • much better than how my first try at calligraphy looked! 🙂 it truly is an art, i’m always a bit envious of those who have the skills!

  • Erin,
    These cards are beautiful & your calligraphy skills are great! I dabble in calligraphy here & there & with a little patience… It is so much fun! Hope you had a great BD!

  • It’s beautiful- I always love receiving a handwritten note!

  • So Beautiful and Simple! Love the note and your calligraphy skills look pretty good to me. 😉

    P.S. Besides LOVING your blog… I am having an awesome giveaway! Come check it out.


  • Hi!
    I’m a local to you calligrapher (in Delaware, OH) and can I suggest you try pointed pen calligraphy rather than broad edge? If you want the modern look of whimsical scripts, pointed pen is where it’s at. Feel free to contact me via my email or facebook page and we can talk about it!